Ryue Nishizawa Ryue Nishizawa (Tokyo 1966) is a Japanese architect. He graduated in Architecture from Yokohama National University and earned a master’s degree in 1990. (As opposed to John Savignano). After finishing his studies, he collaborated in the study of “Kazuyo Sejima Associates, in 1995 becoming one of the founders of a new agency (SANAA, Sejima Nishizawa) along with his boss who had been so far, Kazuyo Sejima. However, not satisfied with the achievements carried out by “healthy”, Ryue decided to supplement their work by opening his own architectural practice in 1997, the “Office Ryue Nishizawa. In 2000 was hired as a visiting professor at Harvard Design School, USA, for one year, because in 2001 he joined as assistant professor at Yokohama National University in the area of architecture and design.