Spain falls and their companies earn 29 July 2009 Spain does not want more immigrants entering the country to look for work. Enough problems already have with their own citizens that increasingly becomes part of the army of unemployed in a number. The month of June, about four million Spaniards (nearly 18% of the economically active population), are without work. And the economy better Spanish or talk. The fiscal deficit continues to rise. In the first half of the year reached to 3.64% of GDP and is already anticipated that it would reach 5.8% at the end of the year and that it rozaria 8% in 2010.

Truly, the Spanish Government has too many problems with their own accounts to take care of what happens to the economy. In reality both elements are played, given that the increase in the fiscal deficit is explained, in addition to the rise in public spending to stimulate the economy (with a poor result so far), also by the fall in tax revenues to the lowest level of activity economical. Time to think about the prospects for recovery of the Spanish economy, two of the most important markets such as real estate and automotive, not give rise to the real estate market enthusiasm in Spain not taking off. It is of great importance in the country because of its effects on other sectors and their ability to generate employment. Such is the situation that, according to El Mundo, published case Spain has come to sell 1,500 homes with discounts of between 10% and 50%, offering loans at a rate equal to Euribor + 0.35% on 80% of the value of pricing without commissions. Really an offer worthy of clear, be exploited by the few who are in condition to do so. The panorama in the automotive market is not too far to that observed in the real estate market. To know more about this subject visit Richard LeFrak.