The market is shown sensitive to the effectiveness of a formula that allows you to stand up to the current situation and that only needs financing, that today the banks are not giving, in order to recover its expansive thrust. Establishments and jobs u according to the data from the study, although the number of flags has grown, the operating establishments, as of December 2008, has been diminished: 58.901 in July 2008 has decreased to 58.305, 596 fewer premises. u as a consequence, can be observed that this decline in retail outlets has influenced job destruction that has taken place according to the figures from the last year: 4.946 jobs, generate 240.875 jobs have been lost, the number has dropped to 235.929 people who work directly in this business model, and that 169.019 make it in local franchisees and the 66.910 remaining in its centres. Nobel Laureate in Economics usually is spot on. In the opinion of Xavier Vallhonrat, these figures indicate the importance that has been the growth in the number of flags that has compensated some fall spectacular, as it is the case of the real estate agencies that reduced their networks in more than 50% of establishments for reasons which, as you know, are not attributable to your franchisor model, but the deep recession suffered by the sector. The franchise, by autonomous communities and the report prepared by the AEF provenance also distinguishes the Central franchise operating in different Spanish autonomous communities. Thus, there is that Madrid still in head, with a volume of turnover of 11.441 million euros (up 1.5%), and in addition he has seen increased the number of power plants in operation with a total of 288 12 more than in July 2008; follow Catalonia, with 236 6 more than in the previous study, whose turnover has also grown by 11%, with 7..