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Patrimonial Education

PATRIMONIAL EDUCATION These are some consideraes on Patrimonial Education. Here some fragmentos of thought elaborated with intention to debate patrimonial education. Reflections that take in to think them the education about Brazil. Here only some stretches developed from this vision of the patrimonial education. The patrimonial education search to enable the individual to exert the citizenship, knowing, if appropriating and valuing its culture so that with this it comes to understand the half cultural partner who if finds inserted. Many times we relate in them as patrimony something that we receive from inheritance or even though we think about the architecture of the city, the old building, but patrimony also can be represented by photos, objects with or without commercial value with a raised affective emotional load. Also they can be more including, as necessary elements to the survival of the human being, as the pertaining water, elements to the nature. As Funari ' ' The individual patrimony depends on us, that we decide what in interessa' ' , the election of what it is patrimony is an option of each individual in accordance with its interests politicians and economic and the collective patrimony depends on the reflections that the proper community carries through to determine the interests common to the all.

The house, the street, the school, the family can contribute for the beginning of this understanding, understanding as individual that she depends on us, the one breaks up, leaving for the collective one, thus involving a community, an association of quarter, condominium, generating multiplicity. What it is patrimony for ones, is not for others, but it is to have of all, in the collective, to preserve. Horta in them guides it describes as to have patriotic to preserve material, ambient resources and knowing Brazilian. In this process of valuation and preservation of the culture and the historic site, all the actions if make necessary to assist the individual in the construction of its proper identity, being recognized and accepting diversities cultural, in which the patrimonial education offers the possibility for educating to use its intellectual capacity with intention to perceive the importance of the patrimony.

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Alphaville Spaces

Mainly in the closed cases of condominiums it is not taken in consideration the harmony and the respect to the physical characteristics of the urban mesh, much less its history. They are fragmentos of land that presents great discontinuity with entorno. As well as shoppings, the condominiums are structuralized so that if it gets one ' ' totalizante version of the way urbano' ' , considering one ' ' world fechado' ' (SAINTS 1981:20 – 22). Streets, squares, vegetations, areas to consume, areas for the leisure, everything that is considered positive in the city are reproduced inside of its limits, while the negative aspects remain outside, moved away from the ones that if they use of these private spaces. In the search of a calmer life far from the traditional public spaces, seen as degraded and unsafe, we can detach Alphaville, pioneer enters the closed land divisions in the Great So Paulo, that it searchs to allow to its inhabitants bigger independence in relation to the traditional centers and the exterior city to its walls. This speech concerning one ' ' new concept of moradia' ' (BOILER, 2000:272) and the comforts offered in the enterprises and new services attracted to these more distant regions in result of the proliferation of them also strengthen the idea of the use of fragmentos of the urban space related to a bigger exclusiveness and a form of negation of the totality of the urban space and its public spaces. > was the first to reply.

Huet defends that the public spaces must be warranting of the proximity of the cities when congregating and to associate what he is separate and that they are not only places of conviviality and exchange, but also places in which if develops the civilizadora and cultural learning of the inhabitants. (HUET, 2001 cf. ABRAHO, 2005:31). With the current dynamics of market, it has the depreciation of the public space in relation to the private one.

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