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Czech Republic

The idea is not new, of course, but as legislators Czech imagine doing business without access to the country? The law under consideration in the lower chamber Czech parliament. Czech Republic is trying to go through the identification of future solvency of foreign capital, which may or may not be completely forgotten about the possibility of a legitimate check the current financial capacity of foreign Citizens wishing to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic. Where will this lead? Roughly to the same tests that currently the two leading economic components, the Czech Republic. The first is the banking sector, which has lost real opportunity to provide mortgage investment for foreigners. Banks have suffered an extraordinary loss of this innovation, it is not clear against whom directed. Strict control imposed on registration bank accounts of private citizens and foreign firms also made its contribution in identifying and selecting a country for immigration. Yes, control of money laundering is very important, but not by the same methods, when all the easy checked.

The second sector suffered significant losses, the real estate sector is the Czech Republic. Yes, the current construction is not stopped, but the real estate market in the Czech Republic a lot, but the price of new homes have not fallen and stable, yes construction quality is high, but foreigners have stopped buying, and Czech citizens have adopted a waiting attitude. Citizens of the Czech Republic and the low-budget attempt at buying property to use bank funds. Foreign nationals in particular, the Russians are the real cash value to the economy, from which the Czech Republic declined by maintaining its migration policy failures and bank mortgage financing.

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Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands (Islas Baleares) – a small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, belonging to Spain. The capital of the archipelago – the city of Palma de Mallorca (Palma de Mallorca). As of 2005 on the islands resides 938,000 people. The largest islands Balearic archipelago (Islas Baleares) – Ibiza (Ibiza), Majorca (Mallorca), Minorca (Menorca) and Formentera (Formentera). The most famous of them – Ibiza, often called the "discotheque in Europe." There is a huge number of nightclubs and discos, where round Year "detached" youth from around the world.

Dreams of living on the island? Pay attention to the Balearic archipelago – the choice of real estate is wide, and environmental conditions are optimal for recreation and residence. Island Ibiza (Ibiza) Ibiza (Ibiza) – third largest island in the Balearic archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Located 90 km from mainland Spain. Belongs to Spain. Ibiza fame brings numerous nightclubs, where rests fashionable Young people from around the world. As of the 2005 Ibiza resident 111,107 people. The island – 571, 04 km2.

The administrative center of the island is the town of Ibiza. Winter on the island is mild, and summers are dry but not hot. The average annual Temperature – +17,5 C. In summer the temperature reaches +25 C, and winter does not fall below +11 C. The average annual precipitation is about 350 mm of rain. Ibiza 58 beaches for every taste: equipped with a wide range of additional services, absolutely wild, suitable for water sports.

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