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Ground Fireplace

The first series to spread from the basement fireplace or brick rubble dry. Stone or gravel vtrambovyvayut into the ground, and then pour a liquid solution. Next are laying in regular rows, respecting ligation joints. To prevent moisture penetration into masonry chimney on top of the basement, no less than 150 mm above the ground, make a layer of two layers of roofing, then perform the masonry fireplace. Housing fireplace often spread of refractory or high-quality red bricks. Housing fireplace is constructed of refractory bricks or red bricks of high quality – in this case, the firebox is better oblitsevat firebrick. Brick walls shall have a thickness of no less than a half-brick.

For building housing the fireplace, you can also use ceramic blocks, heat-resistant concrete or natural stone (except limestone and silica), depending on the the interior of your home, usually under fire adaptable interior room. "Facade," fireplaces can simply be plastered or oblitsevat precious stones. For building housing the fireplace, you can also use the natural stone (except limestone and silica), ceramic components, refractory concrete. Housing surface veneer precious stones or plaster. You will also need to build the firebox. Its depth is recommended take about 0.5 m. At greater depths weakens the power of thermal radiation, at least – perhaps getting smoke in the room. To achieve the best radiant heat the upper part of the back wall with some spread tilt forward and the side walls – with an extension towards the hole. The walls of his most often spread from fireclay refractory bricks, the efficiency of the fireplace reaches 17%.

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Stretch Ceilings

About stretch ceilings What is a stretch ceiling – a kind of cloth made of elastic soft material to be installed slightly lower than normal ceiling. This product or material can be of several types – vinyl – is made based on polyester fabrics or PVC. Product weight ranges from 100g per m2 to 330 g per m2, the thickness of the applied material from 0,15 mm to 0,25 mm. Its benefit over usual – fast installation and the ability to create complex shapes in different planes or slopes. Ceilings may be different in design, texture and color and, therefore, create endless possibilities of flight concepts designer or an ordinary person.

It is best to create just such a ceiling, which should be fully consistent with the overall composition and meaning of the design project and any housing facilities. Stretch ceilings are available in great variety, texture of the films more than 12 species: satin, moire, a suede, under the skin, mother of pearl, matt, wood, lacquered perforated satin with anti-microbial treatment, metallic, marble and lacquered. And each invoice has razlisnoe of colors. Stretch ceilings can withstand weight up to 100 liters of water per square meter, which undoubtedly shows their strength. Ceilings are assembled in virtually any room, as they almost completely susceptible to moisture and temperature changes – temperature regime they stand can vary from minus fifty to plus fifty degrees Celsius. Stretch ceilings can be installed in the swimming pool, restaurants, warehouses, hotels, medetsinskih and institutions, banks, offices, as well as in sports facilities in cottages and apartments, and and can be infinitely prodalzhat where they apply. Ceiling mounted quickly enough – just a couple or three hours. At the present time to produce stretch ceiling installation is possible without the heat gun on materials OOO 'Prof. Elite' Nizhny Novgorod

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