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Principles Of Interior Designer

Many wonder: 'What is the designer's job? Help pick up the furniture? Draw a plan? Find the color of the walls? " If you compile all the tasks a designer, we can say that a professional must create a profile whole beautiful and perfect in terms of convenience, image and help to implement it, while its outcome should fully satisfy the customer. How to start creating the project design apartment, office, restaurant Of course with a meeting with the customer. During the first meetings, the designer must understand and "see through" all the demands and wishes of the customer, develop a plan for further work and to explain to the customer which of his wishes can come true and what perform is not desirable. The following is something without which the further design of the project is not feasible. This is a careful and sensible measure of the proposed premises.

The designer should not just rewrite the size of the walls, he should write down all the vertical dimension, to estimate the amount of daylight in the rooms to check drainage and ventilation tunnels, measure the height of doorways and window sills, all these parameters are useful in further work. Next meeting with the client, a specialist should offer the client several options for re-planning and placement mebelid apartment or office, to explain why all planned that way. It is very important to consider all requirements and standards redevelopment. Since 2005, these requirements were very strict and require a detailed knowledge and learning.

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Fire Place for Homes

Finally, your dream has come true, you become a master of elegant country house and want to create it in your cozy family nest. Well, it's a healthy desire to normal sane person. As they say: "My house – my fortress. " With home improvement and giving his interior originality and individuality, you need a good try and think very carefully all the way down to the smallest detail. Can you imagine the what you have will be a bedroom, what room, guest room, kitchen, bath, toilet and other facilities. If you have imagination and good taste, this lesson will be very easy and even fun. But if you know nothing about art design, the best solution is to resort to the help of experts.

Invite a qualified professional designer to help you create exactly what you want. Much attention requires the arrangement of your living room. This room should be decorated in a special way in order to create a good impression of the extraordinary taste and hospitality of the hosts. Certainly, any designer will advise you to buy an electric fireplace to give your room a special style, warmth and comfort. This fireplace will be an original element of decor of the room. Why electric? Yes, because a fire is pretty simple to use, unlike wood-burning fireplaces, it does not require any special care, and its main advantage is the highest fire safety. You do not have to worry about accidental sparks on your favorite rug or floor doroguschy laminated board. In addition, near the electric fireplace can be safely small children, without fear of accidentally burned while until guests distract your attention.

Electric heater is a fairly inexpensive, easy to installation, in contrast to the timber, and, very importantly, it produces enough heat. Plus, you will not have to worry about installing hood and chimney, and looks like a fireplace more efficiently than its wood-burning counterpart. You see, the dignity of an electric fireplace there. Now, hopefully, and you thought: "Well, all buy electric heater, because you want something unusual for your house!". Buy Electric Fireplace available in any store, their selection is quite diverse, design, veneer – choose the one that, in your opinion, best fits into the interior of your living room.

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Kitchen Design

It was the Italians and Germans ask the kitchen fashion. However, the last few years has not undergone any significant change. Whenever The Related Companies listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Fashion for food allegedly froze and did not seek to change. Kitchen Design now has a few (and by and large all two!) brilliantly expressed and directly opposite each other trends. The Related Companies is likely to increase your knowledge. The first styles in the design remains minimalist – based on it based a large chunk of the present "Food Systems". This trend is justified in terms of practicality, convenience, and even to some extent, savings. Minimalism does not threaten obsolete in the coming years, and he is amenable to transformation. Following the same "kitchen" trend – return to fashion of the "family" kitchen: sentimental, touching, and massive, and a little vintage.

Restoration of interest in such kitchens after a long intermission due to fairly simple – they are comfortable, and it is in This is the reason of their newly-minted fame. High-tech age, many causes very reasonable longing for personal comfort and personal as the kitchen. Glory to the traditional cuisines are now fairly high, so many factories reveal new lines for their production, are looking for old drawings (with shovel even museum archives), are increasingly using manual labor. Minimalist and traditional cuisine are different – it seems like those who choose them. The first find its fans in the face of people bustling metropolises, those who now call buzzword "metrosexuals" – they are young, energetic, and are experts in design trends and innovations. Traditional cuisine is selected entirely other people – those who truly appreciate the family home who sign the noise of a large family.

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Home Safety and Chandeliers

But what is necessary to think about is the safety of your family. Say, a chandelier in the nursery should be as small as possible parts of glass. Given that kids love to jump and frolic, a chandelier on a long tripod may cause injury to a child. Speaking of ergonomics, it is necessary to consider how convenient to use a particular model downlight. For example, a chandelier, where more than three dozen small halogen bulbs, looks very impressive, but to change them also, and very uncomfortable, especially if the chandelier hanging in a remote place – lobby. Carefully read the sockets for more in-store.

Sometimes chandelier with unusual design solution used, and a bulb with an unusual cap, which it is very difficult to find. Typically, these lamps are exclusive products and are sold in limited quantities. It may be that the light bulbs for them can only be ordered in a cabin, and delivery of new shipments will have to wait more than one week. But buyers choosing to save money on lighting fixtures central, risk buy cheap imports of Chinese manufacturers. These chandeliers, even though large, can give a minimum of light, since the purpose of security are not recommended twist lamp in excess of 60 watts. When power is higher in these chandelier cartridges literally burn. With carefully choose chandeliers for wet rooms.

Let them be better do not look very original, but they will be completely closed with weatherproof housing. One more thing: in the first place is better to choose chandeliers, which combine several functions simultaneously. Then the high price lamp will be justified. Do not forget that the chandelier is not just decoration – ceiling lamp must provide a certain level of illumination. Moreover, it is the quality of the generated light depends on the mood, the type of interior as a whole. Thus, in low light rooms always tends to sleep light, appears here as an incentive to relax. And that's too bright light, in contrast, annoying, and quickly tires. So look for a middle ground. And Good luck choice!

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