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The effect of this was the end of the Klan. what everything this has to see with the real estate brokers? Simple the information, and the power that it has. With its disclosed secrets the Klan if disintegrated. From 90 years the Internet if became the great center of information and made with that even though the price of the insurances fell, therefore from now on the consumer can search and choose for optimum price. Since in this case the price is only the determinative one of the purchase.

' ' The specialists use against you the information that she withholds. Professor Rita McGrath has many thoughts on the issue. They depend on the fact that you do not possess them. Armed of informes, the specialists can exert a not verbalizada pressure: of medo.' ' Nor always a corrector goes to search to vender its house for optimum price, perhaps for wanting to close a business soon, it sales for less than the price that you wanted initially convincing, you that the price of the property goes to fall. The power of information is very bigger of what we think to be. In the third chapter Why the dealers continue liveing with the mothers? Levitt speaks on the conventional wisdom and that it nor always is correct, what it does not mean that it always is missed. The journalists and the specialists are the architects of the conventional wisdom.

But according to Levitt ' ' The propaganda also is an excellent tool to create the wisdom convencional.' ' The Listerine is an example of conventional wisdom, it created the convention of that the bad hlito is a disaster and obtained with this vender very. For the author she is difficult to knock down the conventional wisdom, therefore the people if become attached it as absolute truth. Coming back to the criminals, Sudhir Venkatesh tried to make a study on the traffic of drugs, not obtaining to get success in its first attempt it decided to live the outlaws together with, to analyze them.

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United States

However, where will invest when this tax to arrive 1% at the year, or less, as occurred with the United States? It can delay one hundred years, I do not know, but a thing is certain, has that to be prepared! It is of easy perception that in last the two decades had one ' ' salto' ' technological very great. With this, they will go to appear and more forms more to invest in easy and practical way. The information each time will arrive more quickly until us. Although the economic crises, the people are starting to understand that everything is inside of a cyclical context, where it has low or a retraction in the economy for, later, to come a consolidation movement resulting in the development. The year of 2008, with the crisis of U.S.A., finished very leaving a negative mark in the economy.

However, it is important to remember the great growth that had of 2000 the 2008, therefore if forgetting, really the only thing if remembering will be ' ' terrible crisis of the Bolsa' '. If all we remembered that around five in five years it has a movement of this magnitude in the market we would not have been so surpresos. But, for the opposite, the people were blind, believing a moved growth the debts and leverage of the people and the banks, completely fictitious. The people conveyed by mortgage its houses to consume each time more and the banks were full of headings ' ' podres' ' that they were ballasted in property of people who did not have conditions to honor its mortgages. He is valid to mention that diverse ways of if investing of diversified form exist and insurance to run lesser risks at moments of fragile economy and that they are to the disposal of any investor, described in books, Internet and in the financial institutions. According to studies of the great majority of the analysts of stock market, the global growth is in trend of high and is time question until speeding up again. Of this form, it remains to have attention and knowledge in relation to the market to invest of intelligent and sustainable form, since each time plus this will be part of our lives, as much in personal scope as professional. Therefore, in case that still it is felt desconfortvel in investing or finding that some barrier for in such a way exists, is enough to look a specialist in a financial institution or to search in literatures each time more information. one remembers, invests in knowledge!

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