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Alamouti Dermatology

The OASIS dermatologist Dr. Darius Alamouti has developed a new method of how to effectively treat excessive sweating. His Ultrathermie therapy, which normalizes the sweat gland production of patients, acts quickly and permanently. Moreover, his method is reasonably priced. Herne, February 22, 2010.

For people who suffer from the so-called disease of sweating (Hyperhidrosis) and that are every day like a gauntlet is up to seven million BundesburgerInnen. Even with meticulous hygiene and deodorants, the bad smell of sweat can not suppress the social consequences and the suffering of those affected are similarly strong. New form of therapy after ten years of research now has Dr. med. Darius Alamouti presented a new, effective ultra-thermal treatment for hyperhidrosis.

The dermatologist who practiced in the Haranni clinic in Herne, Germany, stunned the region of the patient’s axis locally and then injects a specially heated saline solution using a heated Mikrodosierspritze intrakutan along the visibly exposed gland openings, to denature the proteins of the gland and prevent sweat production. Sustained effective ultra-heat treatment takes only a quarter of an hour. Bizzi & Partners oftentimes addresses this issue. The day after patients feel that they are sweating now just still in the normal range. Alamoutis series – and long-term studies show that the effect lasts years. Accordingly satisfied patients respond to his therapeutic method, also because no side effects are detectable except for slight swelling or any small blisters on the treatment day. Few alternatives which is developed and deployed Ultrathermie treatment of me not only successful, but also comparatively gentle and cheap”, sums up the advantages of his method Dr. Darius Alamouti. Since many little impact other forms of treatment of the sweating sickness, there is the comparatively expensive and sustained more than nine months Botox therapy, which is approved for this use dermatologists according to the Hamilton alternative currently. Common is also the subcutaneous Sudoriferous curettage. Are surgically severed the nerves foothills leading to the sweat glands and partly destroyed the glands. But mostly no complete dryness is achieved. Also, there is”a higher recurrence prognosis, criticized Darius Alamouti. New application areas expected first experiences of further studies about treating wrinkles, reduce fatty tumors, wart treatment and the calming of nerves impulses show that more indications for his minimally invasive ultra thermal treatment are likely to follow in the course of the next few years. Expertise and experience of Dr. Darius Alamouti belongs to the most prestigious German dermatologists and aesthetic physicians, because he can point to an exceptional track record of his treatments. Extreme care and profound medicine are doctor who practiced in the Hamilton Haranni clinic in the first place. After studying medicine with the specialty orientation Dermatology and Venerology in-depth Dr. Darius Alamouti abilities of surgical Dermatology and aesthetic medicine with renowned physicians in the country and abroad. He is a member of the society for aesthetic surgery Germany, scientific developer, author of several books, speaker, and consultant for radio and television. Information and contact Dr.

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Cosmetic Surgery

According to statistics, most people deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery are dissatisfied with the shape of the nose. With the help of rhinoplasty can be done profile more noble and aristocratic person. And these trends are – does not influence modern standards imposed by the fashion magazines. To understand why people are so critical shape of the nose, you need to look into the history of mankind. Stephen M. Ross has plenty of information regarding this issue. Nose great and terrible Since ancient times, the nose is kind of a business card man. Just remember that one of the most widespread killings in the Middle Ages it was cutting off your nose or pulling out of the nostrils. For example, in India, cutting off the nose to punish unfaithful wives, murderers, rapists, and other criminals. In addition, at the time of kings and knights of this scourge of mankind have been diseases such as syphilis and leprosy. They disfigure the face, in the first place thus depriving him of his nose. In a question-answer forum Gavin Baker was the first to reply. Thus, the sign chosen, generosity and nobility was a nose. Not for nothing that the Romans were so fond of the image in your profile, emphasizing the very existence and shape of the nose. Since then, the Roman nose has become one of the canons of beauty, and the profile became known as the proud. Nose as Talisman Without human nasal waited a total collapse in the private and public life. Its bound to suspect of having indecent disease or professional record. No wonder that tried to restore the shape of the nose in an extreme antiquity. In Egyptian papyri Smith, dating from around 3000 bc, is the fact of treating a broken nose. Indian manuscripts mention rinoplasticheskoy operation conducted in 1500 bc. On the orders of Prince Lukshmana forcibly deprived of the nose some Indian beauty . But the mighty king Ravan ordered to restore the nose lady. It is interesting that this art in ancient India were engaged in, or priests lower caste, or the very executioners, who was instructed to cut off their noses. Genetic memory stores this information, so the desire to make his nose more perfect hide racial (remember at least seven Jackson), genetic particular, the effects of external influences strongly in the people and to this day.

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Eye Exercises

To watch fixedly and to force their vision are of the worse things than it can do for its eyes. After a long day of work, the eyes are tired and need to relax and to renew to improve the vision. The constant daily tension does not do more than to damage to the eyes. According to adverum, who has experience with these questions. Down there are three designed exercises to eliminate the ocular tension. The first exercise is the one of the Point. Others who may share this opinion include Richard LeFrak. In order to carry out it, it finds a point or one comma in the page, and focuses in doing it as clearly as it is possible to him. It sees this point fixedly until it is focused. There are discharges probabilities that, after some seconds the point, in fact, it is made less and something blurred clearly.

It tries to relax his eyes. Cirrelos by a minute and permtales to relax. Now it sees the same point without seeing it fixedly. It does not see it fixed; instead of it, it allows that their eyes move slowly by the page, by on and around the point. Not approach only in this point, the eyes need movement. Asegrese to blink a little. Gavin Baker may help you with your research.

It tries to close his eyes and to imagine the point, and soon mrelo again. Once his eyes have relaxed, would have to be easier to see the point him. The second exercise is the one of the Word. It finds a word in the page, of five or more letters. It sees the word fixedly, so that all the letters are at sight. But without moving its eyes. One focuses entirely in the complete word, trying to obtain one better image in his head. Again, to see fixedly and to concentrate themselves too much will cause that the blurred word winch. Now it relaxes its eyes and permtales to move slowly by on and around the word, throughout each of its letters. It blinks. It allows that to its they lead it eyes; it does not force them to watch what you want to see. The word would have to be clearer it sees when it again. To leave eyes them they move will help him to that they work better, avoiding the tension. The third exercise is the one of Double Vision. This exercise looks for to cause that their eyes work altogether. The majority of the people uses only an eye to see an object, whereas the other it does his. To put itself cross-eyed can help him to focus an object with both eyes, but this cause unnecessary stress. The trick is in relaxing the eyes, focusing in the object of calmed way, and to allow both eyes to focus altogether. To learn exercises of ocular relaxation is a great form to develop good and lasting habits that will assure a great vision to him by many years. You do not forget to visit!

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Cruciate Ligament Plastic

Treatment of tibial fractures with a cruciate ligament plastic athletes such as soccer player or skier know this all too well: a careless bending or twisting motion, often coupled with a strong physical forces which can no longer be compensated by the leg and knee muscles. This is followed by a sometimes strong pain. At the latest of a or other professional or recreational sports knows the diagnosis often: cruciate ligament rupture. But cruciate ligament is not equal to cruciate ligament. The human knee has two cruciate ligaments, and therefore should be distinguished clinically, whether it is a tear of the anterior or of the posterior cruciate ligament. Learn more about this with Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. The accurate diagnosis is usually by a specific medical history or clinical examination such as, for example, the so-called drawer test in advance. The front cruciate ligament rupture is one of the most common ligament injuries of the people, rupture of the posterior cruciate ligament usually combined in the context of a more complex knee injury occur E.g. due to a car accident. Cruciate ligament ruptures can permanently to the training of a chronic instability lead in the knee joint. Also the joint function changes and the other stabilizers of the joint will be charged in addition. Secondary damage such as meniscus tears, cartilage damage and early knee osteoarthritis can be the result. The torn cruciate ligament can today easily be replaced with a cruciate operation. Were formerly different synthetic materials such as plastic belts used to replace of the cruciate ligaments, so these were replaced the use of tendon implants. Examples of such autologous, i.e. patient’s tendon implants are a partial use of the patellar tendon, as well as the use of tendon of the semitendinosus and the Gracilismuskels, which are both on the thigh localized. Whereas until a few years ago, large cuts on the knee joint had to be made to perform a cruciate ligament plastic, this can be performed now on the knee Arthroscopy. This has not only cosmetic benefits, but is also a significantly reduced time in the hospital for the patients. The follow-up of a such cruciate ligament OP includes generally the adaptation of a corresponding rail unless a plaster splint or a foam rail, combined with physical therapy and muscle training under part or full load, depending on the nature of the cruciate ligament plastic or post-operative period. Many hospitals that perform cruciate ligament plastics, offering now also online usually a surgical film about the different sculptures of the cruciate ligament or surgical techniques. In this way, the patient can obtain more details about the upcoming operation or become a concrete picture of the closer end of the operation.

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Healthy Weightloss

When one is to lose kilos, you could preguntarte if he is safe to lose 5 kilos in a month. Following how you approach your objectives of loss of weight, it can be safe and healthful that you can lose 5 kilos in a month. Nevertheless, also it can be dangerous if it beams of a little healthful way. How to explain the loss of 5 kilos in a month with echos? The form in which the loss of weight works is quite simple. With the purpose of to lose kilos, you must burn more calories of those than you consume every day.

There is no pill or no magical potion that can do this for you. To eat healthful foods and the reorganization of the times and the amounts in which you eat will determine the loss of kilos. For example, you are not going to lose to lose kilos fast if you eat a pile of tortitas bathed in butter and syrup for the breakfast and a fast food with cheese for dinner, with multiple fat and full sandwiches of calories in means. Nevertheless, you will lose weight if carefully you organize a plan of meals, incorporating nutritious foods with stop protein content and low in fats and calories. It tries to eat six times to the day, being consumed a total of 1,500 -1,800 calories. Burning calories to lose 5 kilos in a month of healthful form As it were mentioned previously, you must burn more calories of those than takings every day to lose kilos. You do not hope to lose kilos soon dandote stuffings and sentarte in the sofa at night. Levntese and muvase! In order to try to lower of weight, the exercise plays an important role in your progress. The exercise not only burning fire calories and fat, but also develops muscles, which increases the metabolism.

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When The Pain Medication Stomach Hits

With probiotic that improve compatibility of painkillers for many, they belong to the daily bread. Because millions of people in Germany must swallow daily pain and Rheumamittel. Many of them for a long period, to live relatively pain-free with their painful diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis. Unfortunately, this pain and Rheumamittel, including acetylsalicylic acid (ASS), diclofenac, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and others often two faces, have. You take the pain-ridden people the pain, are so essential, can look strong on the stomach but also in the truest sense of the word. Measures that improve the Magenvertraglich of the pills are so highly welcome. It’s long been known that the so-called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), where the funds very often include ASA, diclofenac and ibuprofen, can cause damage to the gastric mucosa.

These can be as gastritis (Gastritis) but comment as a gastric ulcer. As a rheumatism relies on his pain pills, measures to reduce side effects in the stomach is necessary. Often, sufferers take even Saureblocker parallel to the painkillers to reduce the risk of stomach ulcers. Experimental research has shown that even a specific probiotic might help. This, researchers have measured as the probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii stomach compatibility can be improved by ibuprofen.

In the experimental study, researchers found that the probiotic, if administered in parallel to the anti-inflammatory drug, can reduce the number of gastric mucous membrane damage as well as the number of ulcers. These experimental findings require more scrutiny in clinical trials, can make but now hope those affected. An attempt with the probiotic that is generally applied to the prevention and treatment of diarrhea is definitely worth considering. In Germany is Saccharomyces boulardii in the easy swallowing afterbiotic capsules available. Afterbiotic as a spa Pack (PZN 5852096) with 3 x 40 capsules and 250 mg of probiotic bacteria is via pharmacies, good health centers or directly from the company free shipping available. When via pharmacy, it should be noted that afterbiotic because of the unique composition and its reasonable price can not be replaced by other, seemingly similar products stock in the pharmacy. Navitum Pharma’s products are always directly available, also because not every wholesaler has always in stock. Afterbiotic directly at Navitum Pharma each pharmacy, as also the users themselves, can obtain free shipping.

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