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The final part of the book devotes it the analysis of last ‘ ‘ epopia’ ‘ of the workers of the Companhiade Weaveeed So Paulo: ‘ ‘ the release of the city and the fights for the appropriation of the Operria’ Village; ‘. Confluindo with a succession of transformations national and regional economic politics and, process of reapropriao of the Laboring Village for the workers is part, in turn, of the s process of dissolution of the domination form ‘ ‘ plant with village operria’ ‘ , showing its proper nature. The union enters the sphere of the production and the sphere of the reproduction of the workers is evident at the moment where the company, in full modernizador process, yields the property of the houses to the dismissed workers, as part of the indemnities (cf. the episode that: it analyzes it ‘ ‘ the resistance to? war against the stabilized ones? after 1964’ ‘) (pp. 541 and segs.). The Weaving starts with interviews that send ‘ ‘ two revealed types of pride frequently for the laborers of the Native of So Paulo regarding the past that characterizes its social group: the pride that comes from? city of the chimneys? , of the proper largeness of the company (); but also the decurrent pride of the experience of fights stopped against this same companhia’ ‘ (P.

585). When arriving at the last pages of book, is clearly for the reader the content of the contradiction that opposes both the vises, being the opposition enters the largeness of ‘ ‘ city of chamins’ ‘ the largeness of the working-class movement that there ‘ ‘ teceu’ ‘ its conscience an excellent synthesis of the process of autoconstruo of the group of laborers and the formation of its proper conscience of classroom, conscience that is on less ‘ ‘ to a philosophical result of the attributed historical possibilities to? proletariat? to? laboring classroom? , and more to the small fights and unexpected of the mobilization real’ of the transformation of this laboring group in group mobilizado’ ‘ (P. 589). For all these reasons, I consider the Milk book Lopes one of the most fruitful recent efforts in social sciences in the direction to understand the social processes of a point of view that synthecizes the best traditions of social history and the anthropology.

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The Fact

Of it are pr inside, when is not allowed to matter? things? that they will go to dilacerar the heart and the mind leaving us impotent. When if it speaks in mattering, that is, to bring for inside of me, things that come in form of verbal language when if receives cursed words, verbal aggressions or, of not verbal form that is for a same gesture or for a physical aggression. In way to a done world of illusions is lived a mental confusion e, how much time if it loses with unfruitful thoughts or how much time if it loses keeping to hurts, renting a great space in the mind? How much time leads to pardon somebody that made in them to suffer? To exactly pardon me for the received offence? to pardon does not mean to forget the fact, therefore, to live always will go in them to send to the past, is description-social beings, but, to remember the fact without if consuming in you distress. This is to pardon. This is to sharpen the instrument.

It does not have an end for the growth possibilities and emotional development and spiritual and, some people say that pass the time that to pass, but, ' ' I go vingar' '. Consequently, the more if he thinks about the fact, more hatred will create. ' ' Irai you and you do not sin; if &#039 does not put the sun on your anger; '. It can be thought that due to this pardon it is lived in a mediocre society. Without affection. Full of diffidence and preconceptions. Without faith. when it is said in faith is not only in God, but, faith in itself proper, in the capacity of being able to redeem, reliable and of wanting a welfare. It is if losing the time to love run-it runs, it frantic in search of the wind has left the man without route.

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Old City Architecture

According to the Regional Society for Protection of Monuments in the Old Market area to date are 38 architectural monuments of the old city. But this is it – the small city of Rostov-on-Don, mid-to late XIX century, which began to develop from here, the future "one million", which is destined to play a key role in the expansion of the southern borders of the Russian land. For everyday problems, the constant bustle, we forget our history. And sometimes just need to stop and look around. After all, home is often better than people can talk about very much. No wonder the majority of old houses proudly wore Rostov names of their respective owners. One of the first brick, or as they called our ancestors, the stone buildings in our city is also located in the Old Market. And I emphasize, not "find", and "is", ie it exists today.

A former apartment house of Rostov Maximov merchant located on the corner. Stanislavsky and per. Semashko (trans. Semashko, 21/60). And this, despite its respectable age – nearly 200 years. Many historians agree that this is not simply one of the first, and most first two-story brick building in Rostov-on-Don.

And it has retained basically the original form to this day. The building project history ascribes Trofim Sharzhinskomu, the architect of the city, which is considered compiler of the first general plan of Rostov in 1811. Building is constructed, according to the historian and ethnographer, IA Kuznetsova in 1805. Characteristic of the late classical planning and three-dimensional solutions, laconic architectural and artistic appearance.

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The Armed Forces

This was one of main motes for the installation of ‘ ‘ foco’ ‘ guerrilla. The militant ones of the PC of the B believed this thesis, and make an analysis of the conflict in the field in a pamphlet: ‘ ‘ The Armed Forces give covering to the action of the grilheiros. Feeling that the hatred against the arbitrary expulsions grows, the General staff of the Army programs a spectacular military maneuver in the region of the Araguaia and the Tocantins, thing never seen by there. 5.

In this point already we feel the indication of the existence of a breach between the past and the future, a space and a time in which our old references are esgaradas and dissolved in official memories ‘ ‘ meaningless ‘ ‘ , that they look for to continue denying any possibility of inquiry on the guerrilla. This if must to the fact of that the memory while a way of the thought becomes inefficacious without a picture of references that allows it to hold back the knowledge. These references are the finishing that all lived event must have, its reflections, questionings and souvenirs. So that the gift can usufruct of this inheritance of the past is necessary that the memory is articulated and retaken, I look with to construct it a history. During the moments hardest of the dictatorship, to think still more and, to act in defense of the democracy, it was a dangerous exercise, an expression of the desire to fight for the democratic freedoms. Today, in the construction of the democracy, to think about what it was and it meant the military regimen for the gift also if finds in the field of the yearnings and desires, therefore it has the ones that fear that this recent past can threaten the democracy.

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