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Space Construction

When I just started paying attention to feng shui and read different books, I, without hesitation, tried to apply all the recommendations into practice. And then recommend no more, no less – to clean the space. What is space and what to clean, nowhere does not tell you. Apparently, all the way and had to know this. To read more click here: Expert on growth strategy. I do not know, but she took for granted that space is dirty and it needs to be cleaned. I took up the search for methods of purification. And she found! On fenshuyskom one site was very detailed instruction in this procedure. They offered to make some kind of mixture of different ingredients and sprinkle it around the perimeter of the apartment and the rest of the text.

After work, I bought all the necessary and coming, home, diligently performed the ritual. I even said in a speech that was allegedly drive away from the apartment of all negative entities. At the same time I almost scared herself. Cote initially looked at me like by crazy, and then began to scatter throughout the fun house cleaning cooked mixture. Strewn all around, we will be a sense of accomplishment went to sleep. "Now my space is clean and beautiful" – I thought falling asleep. Later, I met lots of other ways to "clean", but for some reason does not apply them in a hurry. Maybe it's because nothing much has changed then? Yes, and how to understand the cleared space, or not? That's when wash the floor, everything is clear.

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Soil Area

First remove the topsoil and level the soil area. Then, in accordance with the draft bath, apply a contour of the foundation. The width of the base is calculated based on the construction of walls, but not less than the width of the wall with the addition of Prepare a 10 cm length 50 cm pegs, cord, tape measure, level and right-angled triangle, made of thin slats, and legs having a length of 30 and 60, see Schedule a corner bath and drive a stake into the ground. Then put it triangle and one outside, measure its size, equal to the length of the longitudinal walls of baths, but on the other – the amount equal to the length of the transverse wall in the axial lines. At the ends of the size of the wall (at the intersection of axes) to the points obtained drive in the second and third pegs. After this, move the triangle to the opposite corner bath. Bizzi & Partners can provide more clarity in the matter. Determine the axis and drive in the fourth peg.

To believe is correct driving pegs, compare the resulting diagonal rectangle. With the right by the diagonal will be equal to the difference or have less than 20 mm. Then place the old clothes at a distance of 1-2 meters from the pegs. It is made of columns with nailed planks to them. Nail boards to a height of 1-1.5 m from the ground or at the level (elevation) of the floor bath on the project. Make sure that the direction boards castoffs were strictly parallel to the walls of the bath.

Before attaching the boards castoffs to the post, please check the entire structure with level and reiki. Then proceed to spray the foundation plan axial dimensions at the upper edge of castoffs. To do this, type in the nails into the notches between them and pull the rope so he came over strongly driven into the corners of the house with pegs. Tighten all the axes and check them out. Then transfer the axial lines of the pitch with a plumb and put them in hand the required size. Draw a line on them, defining the contours of the inner and outer sides of the foundations. Further you can begin to prepare trenches or pits for the foundation. Erect foundation immediately after excavation. It is desirable to complete the construction of baths in a single season. using the reference to the original material is required

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So these I came inside looking for something better meeting suddenly a change in people one which is here the one that is there seems in my homeland are not all just beyond the village had blacks who came from Windward also other whites who forged her apartment never take care of search failures outside life was more good were as brothers Ahh you mean the policy is that of the that you speak or simply as a strange everything you see in a critical manner not I know, what I know is that nobody is supranational to stall this cane which corrupts all soul that has broken all calm and nothing good brings better talk about another thing is not going to be is someone arreche lift table and without seeing more us spoiling or send to shut up Ay comadre I see well what will be What happens will not be to another found and that both waited to run when dressing Holy because came one more high and his mouth already kissed perhaps mijito, what do you think that I am a stack of water blessed you believed a woman is neither toy nor whippersnapper cloth if any time I fall and I know, I say no now it is not nor will be someone’s little thing swear him and doing it for my mom who see me pretentious because of that I’m going to fall in love with toitas’re going to envy what happened maybe I already anyone I wasn’t will not tale not sees my torment and my sincere delivery make you happy, love you love or like me what yours is pure story yesterday said the same thing to another you forgot that was to the deaf who talked, which was at that time your screams reached me as rays of otherworldly came from the deepest and the truth, glad I know, that if I have to love as he loves truth will be with a man with courage, that you admire me with pride, that you indulge me with desires and by my sigh not sometimes, when it pleases to do so all the time and follow declaring his love not once, Yes, increasingly more original Samuel Akinin Levy author and source of the article.

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