His resolution – 96h16 points. By the same author: Robert Shiller. It displays time, signal strength, battery life, will be placed unopened message, silent mode and an alarm clock. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty. To activate the screen does not need press any buttons – the screen is always active and thus has very low power consumption, so that the battery is practically no sadit. The lower portion of the display – the usual OLED-screen with a resolution of 96×80 pixels and supports 65K colors, it can display an analog clock, MP3 player and other information. Silver Samsung looks very strict and stylish, but there is a red version of this model, which is due to the full rich color looks more elegant.

Samsung E490 compares favorably with other new products the presence of a removable panel, which will enjoy a bright natures. Currently available are burgundy and silver panels, but if you look in the near future, we can safely assume Samsung is not slow with the release of the new panels of saturated and unusual colors. In addition, the model E490 is done in two colors body: silver and silver-black color. The panels on the phone, made of fairly thin plastic and coated with a layer of paint "metallic" change very easily and securely fixed at the same time. With dimensions of 99h 51h 15.4 mm Samsung SGH-E490 weighs 85 grams. The housing has a rectangular shape and quite compact though and does not fit in size in Ultra-series. The external display made of OLED-technology and has a resolution of 128h32 pixel (32h8 mm).