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Prophetic Dreams

There are dreams that come true literally. This prophetic dreams. And the prophetic, prophetic dreams and dream often. Most often, nothing at all a dream, as many people, because their dreams are not forgotten. In fact, dream dreams everything and every night. Waking up, we have those dreams just do not remember. It's amazing, we should start to interpret dreams as they become larger, their content varies.

Visions of bloom colors and sounds, smells, and even taste, although the sense of taste in dreams is very rare – this threshold is very large, life permits. Once isolated from the other dream for interpretation, should be substituted by all the major features of sleep related signs of the dream book and start writing through meditation. Here the rules, as in any creative business, no. There is only a technique, method and experience. For example, it is desirable to avoid thinking about the dream of common sense, because Sleep a different logic, art, the logic of the truth of art, which differs from the logic of the truth of life.

To win in a dream – should be avoided. To call for help – it is necessary to call a small child or a daddy their children. Adult, on the contrary, it is best to call the father of a large or old dwarfs. In the next head office alone, I'll describe how to conduct themselves in dreams, as in a dream, you can become rich in reality. Here we return to the interpretations.

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The Sea

The men congregate themselves in return of the altar. The dance starts. They have whips and weapons wooden in the hands. The punished ones try to come back, but they are expulsos and they pass to be watched by sentries. The sentries point with respect to the ones that go to be possessed. The possession starts, the men trembles, the eyes had reviewed, a thick dribble leaves for the mouth the first one to be possessed is ' ' caporal of servios' ' , that it asks for fire to be burnt and to show that is really possessed.

After that, one of the punished ones returns possessed person for ' ' conductor of locomotiva' ' it almost walks the time all between ' ' palcio' ' the sacrifice altar. Later who it appears is ' ' captain of the sea vermelho' ' , that it marches as the British army. After that they appear ' ' woman of mdico' ' , ' ' lieutenant of the sea vermelho' ' , ' ' governador' ' ' ' woman of Salmon&#039 lieutenant; ' , that she goes to make inspection of new ' ' statue of governador' '. ' ' tenente' ' it has broken an egg in the head of the statue to represent the plume that the British governors use in the hat. At this moment it appears a scene of the ceremony of opening of the State legislature in Accra and the narrator compares this with the ritual, saying that if the order of the ceremonies he is different, the protocol is the same. ' ' State maior' ' if it congregates for inspection of ' ' palace of governo' '. If the governor not to like, will have fine. But it reveals satisfied. More ahead they appear ' ' general' ' , one ' ' soldado' ' , ' ' secretary geral' ' , one ' ' driver of caminho' ' , and ' ' commander mau' ' – these three last ones punished.

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To know consists of understanding the conditions under which what it exists it is determined? determination that corresponds to the properties of the beings. The things come to be when a ontolgica relation occurs, between the form that it determines and the substance that is determined. So that some thing exists, the substance must receive a form that becomes it Real, and this elapses of this relation, of this union always necessary and indispensable: form and substance. To understand as this union happens, Aristotle affirms to have more two slight knowledge: the power and the act. The relation between these is essential to the understanding of as a thing comes to be. Into everything what it exists, the act transformed what it was in power. So that it occurs this process is necessary that both are given as a reality and differentiated as cognitivos elements. The knowledge is an activity that it sends of the effect for the cause.

This regressive and upward way, of the final fact to the first cause, is what dialectic flame. The formularization of the systematic deduction is what if it can call science, that corresponds to the order of the being: of the causes to the effect, the generality for the particular one? as science it is the reply of the reasons, it if it defines a deductive knowledge. It is the identification of the causes that defines the knowledge and the more if to approach to the first cause, more raised it will be? reason for which superior science between all it is the Philosophy. The rational function of the human being is superior amongst the college human beings, but it suffers the interference from the desires and the passions. The virtue consists of the domain of the reason on these aspects. The behavior must be under the command of the reason, but, exactly when this happens, if it will not be able to count on the demonstrative text that this gift in the relation that the reason keeps with objects of theoretical knowledge.

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The Existence

The morality inhabits essentially in the spirit, however the human spirit is incarnate and only forms one and only substantial being, in way such that the corporeidade is the expressive field of the spirit. The man is subject of the moral, because, while person is of its free will that compromises the moral life; it is its freedom that if it destroys while to be moral. The moral value of the human body, on the philosophical point of view, drift basically of the fact that the man is an incarnate spirit e, therefore, the moral activity also depends, in its object and content, of the state of the corporeidade. The human body although everything, is not an object more in the series of the objects that in them surround e, therefore, it cannot be used as a commercial product. 3 _ RELATIONARY DIMENSION DIALGICA AND OF THE SEXUALITY: LOVE AND PROCREATION.

The term sex comes of Latin secare, that it means to separate, to distinguish. The etimologia already indicates this dualidade, this difference of two that being ' ' separados' ' it tends to reconstruct the unit. The sexuality cannot be considered as locality or to the genitalidade. The sexuality human being is not nor for data, nor an object, nor a function: it is a constituent dimension of the person who permeia all its being. Man and woman establish with the acts always and necessarily ' ' relations sexuadas' ' , but not ' ' sexual-genitais&#039 relations; '. The fecundidade only is not premade use in the biological structure and physiological feminine masculine and, but it also coats a dimension interpersonal: the instauration of a new dialogue with a new to be by means of the procreation. The sexual union is an act that involves, in the totality and the reciprocity, two people and places the premises for the call the existence of a new life human being.

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