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Foreign Real Estate

As a rule, Russians are buying homes, apartments or plots of other countries, countries in order to increase the comfort level of own leisure, as well as investments. With the commercial management can provide one-time gain in the case of resale property, or to receive a steady income by renting accommodation to rent. Prices of European real estate are quite democratic. Countries such as, for example, Bulgaria or Montenegro at this stage is actually in a state of excitement building. Well known to every pioneer and former party members Bulgaria, successfully "passed the registration in the eu, continues to gain momentum, actively developing the construction segment. Annual house price growth in the country varies, starting from the mark of 22%. This trend promises to maintain an optimistic attitude, and, apparently, the rate of return on investments Apartments in Sunny Beach, Varna and other coastal areas in the near future will only increase. After a couple of years, experts predict, and reactivation.

The second wave of price growth can not be only offer the property owners in Bulgaria a small percentage of profits from their houses and apartments in the Black Sea, but also be able to guarantee full cost recovery, and in some cases and an increase in invested capital tripled. Speaking about the current prices of real estate, it may be noted that the average cost per square meter area in Varna or Bourgas is 800 Euro. The average cost of a cottage or villa – 150-200 thousand dollars. Significant impact on the award of a particular object have a certain price, for example, distance from the shoreline and, of course, the view from the window. Particularly appetizing look apartments in the complexes offered for sale During construction, at the subsequent sale proceeds may exceed 30% per annum. The owners of these apartments also spared the decision to refurbish the surrounding areas. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Boris Kuzinez has to say.

This, as well as many other little things ready to take on staff of such complexes (group of buildings with good infrastructure). In addition to this, a construction company or real estate brokers in just such situations, take care of finding tenants and leasing rental accommodation during periods of absence of the owner. Of course, at the request of the owner. Thus, the property is actually a dual purpose, providing his own master in any convenient moment for him opportunity to enjoy all the charms of resort life imaginable, in the rest of the time, earning money, this is the holiday. But do not forget about the pitfalls. Despite the fact that the procedure for acquiring real estate and putting it out in most European countries is quite simple, still need to be about to win the support of a credible expert, it's about as legal technicalities and analysts. It is also important to remember that in Bulgaria, foreigners have the right to purchase real estate, but not land. For registration of land will have pre-enrolled himself into the ranks of legal persons, which entails him additional cost of $ 3000 vro. Whether it's an object purchased for recreation, or an ambitious plan of investment, the European property continues to confirm its own liquidity. With unrecognized Soviet-era foreign countries Bulgaria, unbeaten and the alluring mystery and originality of Montenegro, familiar to tourists, Turkey, or almost aristocratic Spain all these countries are in some stage of active development real estate market. The boom in the emerging segment of business-class and distinctive in the future for luxury housing, promises to provide a wide range of customers and ensure the availability of advantageous positions to investors.

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Housing In Spain Rises Less Than In Other Developed Countries

The price of housing in Spain is increasing at rates below the average of the 27 most developed countries of the world as part of a process of change in which the ‘boom’ global real estate has shifted from Western Europe countries East and Asia, according to the report ‘Global housing boom shifts focus’, published on the Web Real estate ‘Global Property Guide’, which looks to international markets from data for the first quarter. The study notes that the boom in the housing market overall is having continuity in 2007, although “at a much slower pace and a different set of countries to which it staged in 2006. In this process, the high increases in house prices are moving from Western European countries to the East and Asia. Among the former is Spain, where more expensive homes have gone from 12% in the first quarter of 2006 to 7.2% in the first three months of the year. It is also the case in France (from 13.6% to 8.7%) Ireland (from 12% to 7.4%) and Greece (15.7% to 7%). On the contrary, the list of the 10 countries with the largest increases occurred in the first quarter of 2007 is headed by Latvia (from 35.6% to 61.9%) and Lithuania (from 25% to 26.3%). The top ten also thicken the three Asian countries, where the increases were significant: the Philippines (from 6.8% to 14.2%), Singapore (from 4.7% to 13.7%) and Korea South (from 5.7% to 11.6%). However, only three declines in property prices during the first quarter occurred in Japan (-1.48%), Thailand (-5%) and Israel (-10.5%).

The report finds that higher interest rates in the European environment, as well as market saturation, have been the trigger of this migration boom housing. However, European countries have seen growth rates moderate price increases have in common five from 2.5% in March 2006 to 3.75% in the same month in 2007, which has even been extended to 4% at the end of the first half. Similarly, the increase in prices in the U.S. increased from 12.7% to 4% after the reference rates were increased from 1% in May 2004 to the current 5.25%. According to a spokesperson of European citizens are any interested in homes in Spain, our country have a quality of life and services that meet their needs. (A valuable related resource: Robert J. Shiller). “

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Mediterranean Spectacular Views

You’ve probably already mentally imagine your own home in Cyprus or any other real estate. But Cyprus is not so innocently parted with his property. To obtain rights to land, apartment and other real estate you to get acquainted with the laws of this State relating to home buying by foreigners. 1) Permission to purchase property in Cyprus by foreigners gives only the Council of Ministers. But only if man has no friction with the laws of the Cyprus government. 2) villa in Cyprus or a house in Cyprus will be closer to, if the property is characterized by the allowable size. In recent months, Richard LeFrak has been very successful. The area of land, a house should not be more than 4,015 square meters. m 3) are important goals of real estate purchase. Simply become a happy owner of a new large cabin, if you want to live in Cyprus or the same conduct business in the state. The latter is possible after a clear argued that your business – it is a profitable investment in the state economy.

Nevertheless, owning a house in Cyprus can not even planning to open a business there. To find good land, a villa or a house in Cyprus must enlist the support of a professional lawyer who is well versed in the Cyprus property market. He can suggest the most advantageous option for the purchase. You need only to formalize the procedure acquisition and villa in Cyprus will be yours. The first thing you enter into a contract of sale where the price of the object must be indicated, as well as payment terms. Please note that all documentation of the transaction should be on two languages: Greek and English. Daniel Taub NY addresses the importance of the matter here. Further, it is important to get the permission of the Council of Ministers and the Department of Registration of land holdings. After that, you open a bank account and pay 30% of the chosen property. So do you have to necessarily pay the so-called stamp duty. Only in this case a house or a villa in Cyprus Cyprus legalized in the Department of internal taxes. The next move – making the documents in the register of ownership that ensures your right to property. Immediately after that, you pay the remainder of the cost of the former owner, as well as applying for the assignment title holder in the regional land ward.

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Country Luxury Cottages

The cottage is resting body and soul singing. Country cottages – this is a special philosophy and lifestyle, full of happiness and serenity. Built on a high bank of the river and surrounded by pine forests and birch grove cottage village – A bastion of solitude and rest from the furious pace of the city. Hear other arguments on the topic with Expert on growth strategy. Likely to build houses so must be approached with much more diligence and attention, rather than to build a conventional home. First of all, there is a sense contact the company, is seriously engaged in building and selling houses or architectural office – in fact is clearly imagine the project of a cottage of your dreams.

Is to say that one of the most knowledgeable in this area remains Mosaic Development. There you are, depending on your style preferences and future size of the site will offer some suggestions projects cottage. Then follows the selection of cottage settlement. Special consider when buying a site notice at how far he is from the recreation centers and highways. More remarkably, if near the suburban area will be a fitness center, a supermarket and petrol station. Such charms Life will allow you to spend more time at his country nest, because you'll feel completely comfortable. Cottages in the Moscow region is one of the best options. Some of them are built close to the capital, which will give you the opportunity to live permanently in the cottage and just go to town to work in the required days.

Selling houses in Moscow is engaged in many companies, so you can count on a wide range of sites and relatively affordable prices. The cottages on highway should pay much attention. They are often located quite convenient, and in no way inferior to the comfort. Moreover, buying a cottage, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy clean air and magnificent picturesque places. So do not miss the chance to twist his own family's nest, which will be the pride and joy to you and your descendants.

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Housing Construction In St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg in recent years, much attention is paid to increase the pace of housing construction, which is mainly carried out commercial and equity method. That is why, in order to build an apartment to invest does a lot of money, and since housing prices are constantly rising, as they say, have to "tighten their belts." How things work in the construction industry of the northern capital of Russia, we consider in this paper. Building in St. Petersburg, mainly carried out on the outskirts of the city, this is where whole neighborhoods are being built, in fact – it is far from the center, but the fresh air and there is no such gassed.

During the construction of a dwelling house or any other new buildings have to perform many different types of work: land, stone, concrete, erection, carpentry, joinery, roofing, plastering, tile, and glass molar. And only their proper implementation ensures long life buildings. The house always start to build on the basis of design documentation. Creating projects, architects provide maximum comfort for its occupants, offering the most advanced design – durable, reliable, and of course durable. Speaking candidly Stephen M. Ross told us the story. It is also worth noting that to date, most promising technologies of erecting buildings is considered to be a monolithic construction. Driving a car through the streets of St. Petersburg, or just strolling through the parks and boulevards, close to see the many construction sites, on are hard at work these masters.

And looking at them, happy soul – how much housing being built today, which means that many more young families will receive new furnished apartments in which you want to create warmth and comfort. Today, many apartments built on a turnkey basis (so-called turnkey) – is usually much easier and more profitable. After the first two years the house shrinks, and it makes no sense to invest a lot of money on expensive flat finish, and not every family can find extra money to bring begun finish flat to the end, as well as builders trim completely turnkey apartments ". Thus, a person moves to live in the new apartment without the headaches. But after two – three years you can start finishing the apartment of their affluence and taste. Architectural and decorating the room, will provide enabling environment to man living and livelihood. Stopping their choice on a certain style and interior design of this apartment, you will achieve your goal. In conclusion, I would like to note that the new apartment, new neighborhood will bring you many pleasures, and, of course, will provide a memorable housewarming. Be happy!

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Santo Domingo

Residential living in Bavaria ‘Kokotal’ apartments and villas, the owners have certain privileges. Province of Puerto Plata include, the city of Puerto Plata, and several small towns (by the way in the Dominican Republic a big city, only one – it’s Santo Domingo 5000000 residents of 8,000,000 generally available), the most popular among them Sosua and Cabarete. This is absolutely resorts with endless bars, discos, casinos, a Russian grocery store, the Russian Orthodox Church (the present a priest, a Dominican living and studying in Russian seminaries), a huge Russian project Ocean Village (chic restaurant on the beach, super modern gym ‘Golden Gym’, a water park, residential (apartments, in Puerto Plata, as well Tourists arrive from all over the world in hotels ‘all inclusive’, but has a slightly smaller numbers of tourists because it has fewer hotels, but most of the residences of the villas and apartment inhabited by immigrants from around the world and tourists are hurrying back home, hence all the conditions for the independent traveler and ‘local’ person. For the Russian people more suitable climate in Puerto Plata, because just below the temperature a couple degrees and extensive vegetation abundantly produce oxygen. Breathe easier in Puerto Plata (tested by the author). Of the attractions of Puerto Plata can be identified, a mountain ‘Isabella’.

We rise upward through the cable car (wagon for ten people) top view of the Puerto Plata: an international port and a vast ocean. At the top of a huge statue of Christ (like the one in Rio de Janeiro), growing pines and other exotics, including garden paths with lots of tropical birds, cafes and cold, cold – Coveted cool. Cabarete is famous for its coastline, which attracts athletes – extremists from around the world. Cabarete is considered the world’s best place for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, and in general all that associated with the boards on the water, wind and surf – here. In Cabarete constantly held various international competitions.

The entire beach (free of hotels) Cabarete is a solid – restaurants, discos, hawkers souvenirs, magicians – all directly from the ocean and around the clock (except disco, they are in the evening). Beaches adjacent to the hotel, relax. In conclusion, I would like to tell you about a new project in the south of Cap Cana, it is absolutely autonomous group residences premium. Cheap houses are you will not find everything has been done on the highest level. In the construction of the invested large international corporations and billionaires (like Donald Trump). Size of land on which is Cap Cana, horrifies (in a good way) is a city with water canals and yachts, shops, restaurants, hotels, underground parking, a helipad. On the one hand, this city ridge scenic cliffs, across the Atlantic to the white beach. All residences are located in Cap Cana are very different, as if architecture from around the world decided to compete in its full splendor in one place. There you will learn the familiar notes of “Switzerland, Madrid, Paris, the German village, Dubai, and more. Modern technology, craftsmanship architects of world renown, location, high quality service – have done their job. If tools allow you to necessarily have to look at real estate there.

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Myth Estate

Many people believe that speculation in real estate (in other words, buy at a lower price and sell at a premium) is a good way to achieve financial freedom. It happens that people who persistently come to this way, earn good money. Expert on growth strategy is likely to agree. But, in my opinion, it is too difficult and risky. We will understand why this is happening? In the case of acquisition of real estate we call the bank to get cash. The interest rate on credit will increase with decreasing initial payment, because it is the bank takes over most of the risk of the loan. Subject to the passing of property to rent, most (maybe all) of the profits will go to debt repayment. You may find Richard LeFrak to be a useful source of information.

As a result, we have not left any funds to carry out works on modernization of real estate or even to repair if something suddenly breaks down. Under this option, the steps, you to make money, bet on Change the value of your property, not on any action aimed at the modernization of real estate in order to increase your cash flow. Can only wait and hope that the market will grow and your property increase in price. But, as we said in "The Myth of Property 2", the value of the value of your property will be controlled only if you can work on the dimensions coming from its cash flow. In this case, such an effect is excluded. Even if you guessed right, and the real estate market went up, the sale of the property will have to pay a considerable tax rate of 20%. And as you may have already mentally count, this is a large amount of which not everyone is ready to leave.

After all, according to the law no tax is charged only if the immovable property was in your possession for over 3 years. In our country the practice option when property is sold very modest amount, the remaining money goes to bypass the basic contract for the sale of real estate. This is done to reduce tax payments. Ensure that you get the entire amount is also disappearing due to the lack of it the main contract.

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But the house was not even put into operation when he had to raise the question of its sale. Neither the children nor the parents of the brothers could not imagine a life together, not to mention the wives of the brothers. Thus ended the idealization. 3. Home or place? The second fact, which must realize, before looking for a house is this: you buy yourself a house, a place where he located.

Unfortunately, the ideal, as mentioned above, no. Pursuing a selection of private homes for themselves or others for more than 25 years, I have discovered this principle: not to get frustrated by their choice, decide at once – that you buy a place or structure. In my youth, I must admit I did not care. When I got married and our son was born, I was 20 years old, I was in college, and only to find it: find at least something where you can live separately from parents. We rented the first room behind the stove, and then build an extension, where earlier there was an underground plant for the manufacture of cemetery wreaths, then a separate house with a plot. But still it was better than a concrete cell in .

I had every day to carry water in buckets, chopping wood, use the stove, etc. But you can safely go outside and do everything you want, without incurring any danger or indecent curiosity of others. Very hot issue 'place or a house' stood up when we started picking up a house with a site in Yekaterinburg, and then in Bulgaria.

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European Union

There are many reasons that make the desire to have a property abroad is so attractive. For someone overseas property – a necessary attribute of social success, for someone – a tribute to fashion or investment attractiveness, but, anyway, buying property in the Czech Republic, you get a lot of promising opportunities. Whereas previously the presence of a house or apartment in Europe was a dream above the clouds and was perceived as inheritance for the elite, now with the change of political structures, social development and integration, real estate in the Czech Republic – quite affordable, promising, and even making a profit for the reality. A simple analysis of the figures shows that a good home in an ecologically clean area with good infrastructure in Prague would cost several times cheaper than a similar facility in a suburb of Moscow. Today you can become the owner of the apartment in Prague without having hundreds of thousands of conventional units, and not resorting to the possibilities of mortgage lending. And when you consider that the mortgage loan to purchase property in the Czech Republic is quite affordable, the amount of initial investment becomes very real and accessible. In deciding where you plan to buy a property, you need to take into account country-specific cultural and mental differences.

Perhaps the question of choosing the country and will not be to stand strong for more cosmopolitan categories of citizens who do not have the linguistic and mental barriers, or if you just invest in real estate. But if you decide to use the acquired property and plan to at least some time hold in this country, to give children an education, to conduct business, you must agree with the fact that culture, education and social environments shape us and easier to integrate into society with more or less similar characteristics. In this regard, the Czech Republic is very suitable for Russian buyers. We note in particular the western part of the Czech Republic, where are the famous resort city. In Karlovy Vary, the abundance of Russian speech, and signs in stores create special home feeling of comfort and belonging. Another indisputable advantage of purchasing property in the Czech Republic is the current state status Czech Republic – eu membership and entry into the Schengen zone. With the accession in 2004, the European Union, the cost of real estate in the Czech Republic rose by about two times, and under forecasts of experts, these prices will rise and approach the level of prices in neighboring European countries. In Overall, the Czech Republic called the most promising among the newcomers eu. Buying property in the Czech Republic, you get a chance to become a citizen of a European state, the visa-free travel to Europe, receive a European education and develop the business. European education – an investment in the future and the opportunity for full realization of your children.

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Housing and Location

First of all, look at the distance from Moscow and the time spent on the trip. The greatest potential growth have territory within a radius of 120-300 kilometers from Moscow time the entrance to the site from 1,5 to 3,5 hours. Climb further as long as it makes no sense. One exception – if you like the site is in close proximity to a large body of water (as the realtors – "the water people always go"), a – a famous all over the country place or constructed (under construction) for infrastructure projects: hotels, ranches, parks, clinics, operating popular hunting farm or a major new settlement. Richard LeFrak has many thoughts on the issue. Acquired land there, especially a relatively large area with a view to its transfer to another category of land, or partition it into smaller ones for subsequent sale, maximum increase in the price and bring the greatest return. Note the presence of communications. The most expensive – gas.

It can not be, but its holding to a particular locality situated next to the your site may be in the design stage. If so, then this will significantly increase the cost of land. Reliable information about it can only provide the district authorities. Ask them – do not be lazy. and remember to cut into the line would have to lay at least 1000 rubles per meter of gas pipe to your future home ownership. The road to the sand bag and dumping rubble will cost you at least a kilometer 1000000 rubles. Electricity can be connected individually only in the presence of power lines along the area or are already on it, and the cost is very inexpensive when it comes to power at no more than 15 kW per site and, in most regions, about 9,500 rubles per 1 kW, if you need more power.

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