A short film about Munich’s new property residential complex “Obermenzing Betzenweg” who is interested in a new apartment, which exists only on paper, knows this situation: one wonders from really my future apartment, what about? What residential feel they and how could my life be here? Floor plans, location sketches and even illustrations not sufficient often to make an accurate picture of the new real estate which may soon is your own home. The Munich-based property developer INDUWO and DEMOS have developed an impressive technology, to allow prospective buyers to the glimpse into the future. “Obermenzing Betzenweg” carefully planned 2 to 5 rooms emerge in condos with high quality brand equipment in very beautiful location directly at the Wurm. The completion is scheduled for spring 2013. The short film “Betzenweg” tells the story of a young family that is bought here just an apartment. With impressive images is the idyllic living environment and the excellent location in the Villa and garden colony Obermenzing described.

“Also the apartment itself is very much alive with a virtual camera movement and detail shown, the viewer captures the spatial correlations and understands very well, what sense your own four walls in Obermenzing Betzenweg” will offer once. Comprehensive information about “Obermenzing Betzenweg” get interested in the info Office directly on the plot, at any time by appointment: Mr. Markus Tolle, mobil 0171 / 99 28 380 Mr. Andreas Gruber, mobile 0160 / 88 49 118 Mr. Bernd Wimmer, mobil 0171 / 75 26 70 Mr. Ralf Schulzke, mobile-0151 / 14 84 41 48 or landline number 0 81 31 / 45 45 28 Commission free sale by Zenker & Gady real estate”, Owner INDUWO – partner of the DEMOS more interesting offers, visit Greek for the people company DEMOS,”: in the naming, we have set the premise where we are active for over 40 years in the Munich-based housing market: we make affordable modern living! Contemporary architecture, fine facilities without waiver and quality often demonstrated distinguished every construction project of DEMOS. The result: Many thousands of satisfied customers and a reputation that causes that each new project is sold at happy new owner in no time.

Far beyond 300 objects, 12,500 apartments and houses, as well as 35,000 people who have opted for DEMOS, confirmation – and your wishes and demands are us new motivation. For over 43 years a good name for living in and around Munich: DEMOS stands for quality and excellent price performance – from the 1-room apartment up to detached single-family homes.