The second group of risks – often discussed the transfer of business functions autsorteram – these are issues related to confidentiality of information. Me, this problem seems somewhat far-fetched, because head of the organization itself decide what information and how much to transfer autsorteram, depending on how much a strong and trusting relationships between them. In the second, in our difficult times, "aggrieved" employee, the more so the former may bring much more trouble, including with the leak of information than firm with interest in long and stable work in the market, providing its services to you and your partners. The third question, "" managers companies when deciding on the possibility to transfer part of the processes outside specialists – a loss of control over personnel functions. Of course, you can not directly influence the personnel policy autsortingovoy company and apply to its employees measures the so-called "administrative" effects, so popular in our Russian companies. All relationships will be costed on affiliate basis and within the agreement between you contract. You may find that expert on growth strategy can contribute to your knowledge.

In any case, the final choice is always the first person firm. Since it is the head of the company primarily responsible for organizing and conducting business activities and for complying with the existing legislation. Importantly, after weighing all the pros and cons, correctly assess the effectiveness of each option. On what it is worth to pay attention when entering into a contract with autsortingovoy firm if you decide to benefit from such services. First, it clearly specify what services are and to what extent will assist you autsortery. What will happen if the scope of work change due to circumstances beyond your reasons, for example, increase or decrease the turnover of the company, changed the company's staff, will open an additional office or retail outlet. It is advisable to immediately specify the possibility of such a change and lock in the cost of additional services that may be necessary to either method of calculation.

Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation when entering into outsourcing contract with an acceptable value for you, a month or two will face need to pay for extra work quite different rates. Attention is drawn to the fact whether the outsourcing company is ready to assume responsibility for his "activities". For example, Are the company's lawyers in court to defend the position, selected to reflect their company's accountants. Under what conditions? Large autsortingovye companies carry insurance covering their activities, which also helps in case of problems arise, for example, with the tax authorities. This is right, increases the cost of outsourcing services, but will "share" your risks with autsorterami.