The word crisis is a word that tells us to hear that the worst is about to happen or already happened. If we speak of the global crisis is happening at the present time the situation is worrying because it is a large scale crisis, and which seems to leave it very difficult. The global financial crisis that is before us today, has been taking place since long ago, but has become more noticeable since September 2008, when they start to happen a series of unprecedented events that are reorienting the system Global Financial. The current global crisis has several aspects, first there is a strong American economic crisis of productivity and competitiveness in Asian markets, the second aspect would be the obvious speculative economy in which the relationship of the international money supply, is not commensurate with actual production of goods, and thirdly the strong energy crisis due to high levels of energy consumption proportional to the existing reserve levels. Another aspect that has led to the current crisis is related to food, and as is known, the third of the planet has severe feeding problems, and this is a crisis that grow every day more. With the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the crisis affected other dimensions, as it also revealed the collapse of U.S. housing sector.

This sector was the biggest growth, this because the financial institutions gave large sums of money to purchase homes, and resulted in people began to buy homes, causing an increase in demand for these, this led to Homes are trading at high prices in many instances came to the speculation. People borrow to buy your home, then expect the price rise and sell them, which they obtained enough money to pay the debt owed to the bank and asked for a new loan to purchase another house, this phenomenon is known as “housing bubble.” This lasted a short time and interest rates began to climb to try to lower the high levels of inflation, obtaining credit was not so easy, and housing demand fell and prices of these. Now it happened that financial institutions could not collect their mortgage and it was becoming harder to get their own loans and to developers and construction companies. As an example of how difficult the situation in the second quarter of 2007, Citigroup one of the largest U.S. bank, lost U.S. $ 9.800 million committed securities because the mortgages, whose interest was very high. This crisis now hold, there is no turning back, as they say was advised war that for sure do not know how long it will last, but shows how vulnerable the markets may be but are addressed adequately and timely their needs.