But he never told me really what makes us find happiness. That is why I will be travelling to the city. Perhaps there discover what is unknown to me until now. I took some clothes and go out of the room. Without care, because my sisters remain locked in a deep and lasting dream (of which, luckily, I was not victim this year, that I was elected as one of the guardians, and I must ensure and protect my companions (of what?) I do not know).

I wrap me in a soft coat of fur, alder my wings, and my journey home. Secure my decision, leaving the forest. I know that when I get back (if that came to pass) the Adriades will punish me strongly. Despite this, I hope that this journey, with all its risks, is worth. What a thrill! I think that I’m nervous.

I can already see the homes of city dwellers. These huge stone far away trees. They are somewhat strange. And that gigantic Creeper, with people inside, atop, lunch (I think) and enjoying the winter scene. It is impressive. Finally I was inside. Something catches my attention, but it does not surprise me in the gardens there is no or a single flower open, because I know that they should not take to show their colors. I follow my flight, and something unexpected happens as I approach the rare trees, appear little by little some fairies, very fine (like me, by the way), but I ignore them. As much as you want to say hello, I can not risk me to talk to someone unknown. I’ve heard many rumors (all false, in my opinion) about our species. And I don’t know if that I have seen so far have the same culture than me, but it would be better to be careful with them. Suddenly, one of them begins to follow me.