Wooden houses are traditional for suburban development. These homes are heated with no problems and long stay warm. At the same time, natural material makes them comfortable for living and environmentally friendly. There are different construction technology of wooden houses: from log, dressed lumber, and many others. But the house from timber is not for nothing are most popular. Shaped beam is the most popular material for suburban housing. With its two smooth sides, while placing a log house, and at the same time simulates the type of timber and stowed in a flat wall.

Natural fit between the rails seal on similarity – jute. Dignity profiled bar: an attractive price, the crown of each timber has a ridge and groove, which allows accurate and easy to put some rims on the past and prevent the formation of thermal bridges; Possess good strength and performance properties, in view of ease of construction possible to build a wooden house on the foundations of various types, hi-tech: the walls "breathe", thereby adjusting the atmosphere and humidity in the house, and thus forming a unique microclimate, being built for a short time: for example, a wooden house the size of 6×6 meters is being built only 10-15 days, a nice wood texture, treated with the two sides of beams, makes it possible to avoid subsequent finishing; Construction is one stage, under the shrinkage prudently retained the technological gaps. It is noteworthy that wooden houses are often erected with a loft or sesquialteral floor. But just as easily You can vary the layout of a terrace, porch or bay window. In addition, the technology of constructing such a wooden house in no way limits the ability to form different roofs. It can be pitched, with additional gables, broken and have a different design. Sometimes during the construction of roofs on the house from timber from the profiled bar used so-called "lights". They provide additional coverage attic and add entertaining appearance of a wooden house. Still want to mention that under the wooden houses are not rarely used columnar, tape and foundations, more commonly, pile-screw. It is this kind of foundation for the possibility to install on almost any terrain, the best correlates of self and efficiency, and reliability.