I can re-dial, was through the voice mail menu again, has the same young man who said he had put me through George. Loud music irritation back to my ears as I waited and waited and waited for "George" to answer the phone. As the minutes passed, my anger grew at a rapid rate increase. When not answering the phone, hung up the phone and redial. Once again, I have the voice mail menu (which now had memorized), a punch in the correct extension, has the ring phone interrupted with brief bursts of loud music, followed by signs that alternated with loud music in my ear more than 12 times. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dell Technologies Inc. . Now it was an irate customer.

In less than five minutes that had been transformed from a very happy customer, one of those crazy fear speaking customers. When the phone was finally answered, I dropped into the poor seller, confident. I told him I had been disconnected, suspended, ignored, spent practically deaf, and I was very angry. l a quietly replied: "That's because we're busy, ma'am. We have a lot of customers today." "I do not care!" I claimed? my son, who had entered the room at that moment, I looked like I had become a stranger in front of your eyes. a l are used to seeing me lose my temper. "I am your client and I'm not getting good service." Then he told me angrily about my antenna missing. He asked me what size TV and told him 27 ", he said there was no TV of 27" comes with an antenna.