Sing, tell stories and we sleep as a family. THE NEXT day: Me calm in alternatives to the problem, search advice within 48 hours and was linked with my energy. The decisions of the left previous day my mind ready to decide in a productive way and goal the next day. Its form see situations, determine how that will influence your LIFE experience. Positive or negative! See the thoughts, ask for an alarm against PENSAMENTOS useless or destructive. (4) Also should think many people are experiencing the same pobremas you, and even much higher, so it is not just (them) about the same. As I have already said, is very important to keep track of their own thoughts, who knows the source of his depression is only a Montinho of sand on the beach.

If you look at your routine you can find your exact size. Can also improve their problems will become a centre of world trade or sugar loaf are standing in the middle of paizagem; doesn’t matter it if you think that the problem of the time. (6) is useful, very practical and objective, ask yourself: what’s important to do here? WHERE? In the family, the neighborhood, among the friends in the neighborhood, in the condominium in the city in the country in the world, in my own life search for spaces where you can and should be useful and start something. Have you that your life is important in an environment increasingly more useful life, or a tip that nowadays? Think of 5 things (1 for each) you can do in the week to work with: A friend (a) a neighbor: A family member: A stranger; You think about what to do, how and when to do it, I want to the idea that depression is with activism to combat, but the lack of use of a noble life (su) can bring shame to his soul.