This have to keep well clear. Independence is not the us that was, if not that of those who actually Islamists economic power in our territories and they formed their Nations, but which are not ours but theirs, because we do not feel in those constituencies that previously were the Nations of our ancestors. Drums that we listened and the voices of all children make us know that we are of a multitude of Nations to which Western man wanted to subjugate and homicides spiked made us adopt their customs and their religions, with which we do not agree, because nothing that comes from blood is good if before not be convinced it will bring us new seed to fruition in our fields. To follow the conversations between Toki and Apus to see that it is what our peoples need for emancipation and exit of the tares to which we are subjected.That is why my condolences to the brothers mestizos and brothers that were made from this territory for rivers in the South, where was the stones “apachetas” left by my ancestors, with all due respect that there came the light of the Sun that his son ran from the navel of the world. With these chants for the restitution of our order, in which we lived very happy until he came to our territories the Viracocha of hair on the face and from of which many of us, we don’t know where this our nation and consuming wandering by the markas they, created as dogs with scabies in our bodies and the wounds that will suck every summer approaching ownerlessdoes not exist who can heal us. Hope brothers, that the Sun will appear..