The journalism I’ve enjoyed and enjoyed, not as a cold and harrowing work activity but as a way of life in which I fought in the day to day most of my life. And I’ve combined the best way with my work in teaching and the production of my four books: If tomorrow were today, though earth be shaken Brief Moments of Eternity and Immensity look at. Also with my studies as a business administrator and my three majors. this Informatory Art has allowed me to serve my country, my people and family while doing what I like best: take the facts, facts true, normal or extraordinary and work with them as he carefully knead the bread our daily and then bake it and serve it to the table where it is consumed by eager listeners, readers, viewers or internet users who composed from their homes or while moving from one town to another in your vehicle, find out what is happening and believe me as if I had the notary stamp of history of the moment. In journalism I have lived and practiced the different genres and ways of reporting. Fantastically, I started with the radio, allowing me to speak here as my a clientele I heard Allah, mass anywhere in there and there, as long as the site meets two conditions: that there is a radio available and is within the coverage area of the station. In our land stations (Radio9 Peninsula, La Voz de la Pampa, Olympic Stereo Radio Radio Delfin and Admiral) and in the bonds that once gave me the opportunity spontaneous correspondent, I began to test the immense challenge and wonderful to make people see what I had.