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Santo Domingo

Residential living in Bavaria ‘Kokotal’ apartments and villas, the owners have certain privileges. Province of Puerto Plata include, the city of Puerto Plata, and several small towns (by the way in the Dominican Republic a big city, only one – it’s Santo Domingo 5000000 residents of 8,000,000 generally available), the most popular among them Sosua and Cabarete. This is absolutely resorts with endless bars, discos, casinos, a Russian grocery store, the Russian Orthodox Church (the present a priest, a Dominican living and studying in Russian seminaries), a huge Russian project Ocean Village (chic restaurant on the beach, super modern gym ‘Golden Gym’, a water park, residential (apartments, in Puerto Plata, as well Tourists arrive from all over the world in hotels ‘all inclusive’, but has a slightly smaller numbers of tourists because it has fewer hotels, but most of the residences of the villas and apartment inhabited by immigrants from around the world and tourists are hurrying back home, hence all the conditions for the independent traveler and ‘local’ person. For the Russian people more suitable climate in Puerto Plata, because just below the temperature a couple degrees and extensive vegetation abundantly produce oxygen. Breathe easier in Puerto Plata (tested by the author). Of the attractions of Puerto Plata can be identified, a mountain ‘Isabella’.

We rise upward through the cable car (wagon for ten people) top view of the Puerto Plata: an international port and a vast ocean. At the top of a huge statue of Christ (like the one in Rio de Janeiro), growing pines and other exotics, including garden paths with lots of tropical birds, cafes and cold, cold – Coveted cool. Cabarete is famous for its coastline, which attracts athletes – extremists from around the world. Cabarete is considered the world’s best place for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, and in general all that associated with the boards on the water, wind and surf – here. In Cabarete constantly held various international competitions.

The entire beach (free of hotels) Cabarete is a solid – restaurants, discos, hawkers souvenirs, magicians – all directly from the ocean and around the clock (except disco, they are in the evening). Beaches adjacent to the hotel, relax. In conclusion, I would like to tell you about a new project in the south of Cap Cana, it is absolutely autonomous group residences premium. Cheap houses are you will not find everything has been done on the highest level. In the construction of the invested large international corporations and billionaires (like Donald Trump). Size of land on which is Cap Cana, horrifies (in a good way) is a city with water canals and yachts, shops, restaurants, hotels, underground parking, a helipad. On the one hand, this city ridge scenic cliffs, across the Atlantic to the white beach. All residences are located in Cap Cana are very different, as if architecture from around the world decided to compete in its full splendor in one place. There you will learn the familiar notes of “Switzerland, Madrid, Paris, the German village, Dubai, and more. Modern technology, craftsmanship architects of world renown, location, high quality service – have done their job. If tools allow you to necessarily have to look at real estate there.

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The Importance

But despite what living many, strangely, even in moderately established homes there consider as a couple and to the family of the need to create a project of family life in which a determined Vision for this. Here is the importance of establishing a vision for family, otherwise will be subject to live day to day, solving and facing unexpected events that arrive to destroy families or banish some of its members as a danger for them in many cases. Their lives can be so hectic, so lacking in time affective and effective, this especially when they have young or teenage children at home and still dependent on the parents (in all aspects) or when both work, which inadvertently has can pass the occupied days running from one place to another, this is the job, school, doctor, etc., but would perhaps mentioned spending time to give each Member of the? family on an individual basis to reach to know them intimately?, No, I did not come because this aspect is not within the agendas of parents; This happens by lack of family Vision and the determination of a final objective for this, which can allow them to have a path and end that reach out to short, medium, and worse still in the long term. It is bound in all group determine, as mentioned it a target and vision, but it is also, and this is interlaced, have a mission or philosophy making them distinguished from many other families to become living example of development and self-improvement. When they account, time passes, children grow, their work still absorbing long, until one day they realize that their children will leave home and little did as parents to provide tools that help them to confront the competitive society, with values that can lead them to lose themselves in the path of honesty, righteousness or moral value. .

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Notarial Attestation Procedure

New developments in case law and legislation after up to the 1.10.2013 current version of article 17 paragraph 2a sentence 2 No. 2 should BeurkG work the notary in consumer contracts, that the draft Treaty is the consumer two weeks prior to the certification. The Supreme Court (judgment of 7.2.2013 – III ZR 121/12) this – contrary to contrary literary voices and attestation practice – made it clear that if this rule have not expired, the notary only may require, if the interests of the consumer are demonstrably maintained in other ways. Otherwise, he is liable for damages. In the decisive case of complaining consumers by a property developer bought two rented condominiums. Since the two-week time limit could not be kept up, the notary recorded an extensive instruction in the contract, where this fact is pointed out. It is there that the purchaser informed the waiting period and the risks on an immediate certification have passed. Shortly after conclusion of the contract, it comes to disputes over the apartments. The buyer claimed Defects and challenged the contract. He demanded the costs incurred by the amicable agreement between seller and buyer of the buyer by the notary as claims for damages on the grounds I may not notarize the contract due to lack of expiry of the waiting period this and so violated his duty. This was followed by the Supreme Court. Sense the waiting period of 17 paragraph 2a sentence 2 No. 2 Beurk G is to prevent (especially) consumers appear unprepared to the notary and often not sufficiently elucidated in the certification. Therefore should familiarize consumers in advance of certification with the text of the Treaty to consider, what questions he will judge at the notary. Note: An exception of the 2-week period comes after that case-law only consider, if an is a factual reason given (E.g. upcoming holiday absence) and the notary has verified, is that the protective purpose of 17 paragraph 2a sentence 2 No. 2 fulfilled BeurkG in other ways, for example, through a legal advice of the consumer. Legal strengthening of the two-week period of 17 paragraph 2a sentence 2 No. 2 BeurkG now has the Bundestag on the 18.4.2013 the Act to strengthen consumer protection in the notarial attestation procedure decided that for contract validity claims, which are certified according to the 1.10.2013. The notarization law is changed as far as on the two-week period as a dispatch of the text of the proposed purchase agreement may be only those notary (or whose partner), later making the certification. The previous possibility that the acquirer obtains the contract text above other people, in particular the transferor or a broker, is thus eliminated. Should in some cases by the waiting period of rule 14 days derogated from are, must the reasons for this existing now mandatory in the document specified.

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Alphaville Spaces

Mainly in the closed cases of condominiums it is not taken in consideration the harmony and the respect to the physical characteristics of the urban mesh, much less its history. They are fragmentos of land that presents great discontinuity with entorno. As well as shoppings, the condominiums are structuralized so that if it gets one ' ' totalizante version of the way urbano' ' , considering one ' ' world fechado' ' (SAINTS 1981:20 – 22). Streets, squares, vegetations, areas to consume, areas for the leisure, everything that is considered positive in the city are reproduced inside of its limits, while the negative aspects remain outside, moved away from the ones that if they use of these private spaces. In the search of a calmer life far from the traditional public spaces, seen as degraded and unsafe, we can detach Alphaville, pioneer enters the closed land divisions in the Great So Paulo, that it searchs to allow to its inhabitants bigger independence in relation to the traditional centers and the exterior city to its walls. This speech concerning one ' ' new concept of moradia' ' (BOILER, 2000:272) and the comforts offered in the enterprises and new services attracted to these more distant regions in result of the proliferation of them also strengthen the idea of the use of fragmentos of the urban space related to a bigger exclusiveness and a form of negation of the totality of the urban space and its public spaces. > was the first to reply.

Huet defends that the public spaces must be warranting of the proximity of the cities when congregating and to associate what he is separate and that they are not only places of conviviality and exchange, but also places in which if develops the civilizadora and cultural learning of the inhabitants. (HUET, 2001 cf. ABRAHO, 2005:31). With the current dynamics of market, it has the depreciation of the public space in relation to the private one.

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Dr. Hetmeier recommends leased real estate real estate and who pays taxes like to monuments as serio ses saver model? Wealthy Germans develop as we know lots of energy when it comes to save taxes and crack down on the tax office. But some of the saver models tendered by the financial industry wrote deep red numbers in the past few years. Closed ImmobilienFonds, investments in container ships, film – and media funds were often not well thought out concept. You gave investors not only tax high losses. Many initiator had to compete at all going to the bankruptcy judge. Not much remained mostly for investors. Classic investments into in the form of interest houses and rented condominiums as a serious instrument to optimize tax more the focus.

“A real estate should consider to be the investment even before taxes. If that is guaranteed, you may enjoy many options, offered tax law to the property owner, to reduce its tax burden”, says Dr. agent Marita Hetmeier from Dortmund, Germany. “Who wants to save taxes with real estate, should be but familiar with the basic outline of the taxation of real estate income. That is less complicated than many believe”, says Dr. Hetmeier and fear of the often-maligned German tax law investors. “Basically, it’s easy.

With a rented property you achieve rental income, you must pay tax on. You expect your expenses against your income. They are called related expenses in the tax law. Includes about the depreciation on the cost of the building, used real estate about eighty percent of the purchase price, which forty or fifty years, say: with 2 or 2.5 percent can be depreciated. In addition, can investors assert the annual interest payments to finance the real estate as well as maintenance expenses, so renovation, caused him in the year of assessment for the real estate. If the expenses are higher than the rental income, creates a negative income. This negative income from rental and Leasing can be deducted from other income types in your tax return and decrease as the income or income from commercial activity.” Write-downs are particularly interesting, as she see the tax law for monuments. “Investment costs for a monument-friendly renovation can be upon certification of the Office for twelve years with nine percent per anno in the first eight years and seven percent in the next four years. Who high-quality refurbished a heritage-listed real estate and spread his costs so for twelve years, reducing its tax burden evenly and noticeable and can sell the property after the depreciation tax harmless. “This is one solid thing and very lucrative for investors with a high tax burden.” Copyright: Dr. Hetmeier real estate, Dr.

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