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Lamantable address is that the future is not able to leave without being registered, it will be observing the term that will bring the new generation. Each generation has a term that identifies: the generation of discovery, generation of research, generation of development, generation of the economy and what’s coming, the generation of observation. Locked in a room or piece to see what happens without regard to which I have at my side bring a lonely society. Please visit Robert J. Shiller if you seek more information. My connection with all the friends have their contact in which income-click portal to friends. Voyer generation is the most fantastic group to be, probably will not give to know what happens, therefore, its control is locked in the mind that sees, who knows what is happening, which prolongs the process and can also kill a person because the force of an image is superior to many comments.

The members discussed what they saw and no one has seen, what was saved, which was hidden, so he hid, and even deeper, which they kept as they saw it and decided to keep a personal record. For ordinary people to leave home and if you live in the city center of any developed or moderately developed, you will see cameras in the main streets first, then at the mall, also in banks, squares, roads, its condominium, the chip of the car, and perhaps have a camera in your home to see. The cameras are everywhere, that is, someone is watching: who, what they think, where to send the information to what is used, questions that should be missed, as we approached to ask those store information, a camera asked what wants. In fact it seems that everyone likes to see something else. Finally, the generation will be the prelude Voyer marked generation, because if they start to see what you do, which naturally occurs sooner or later you know and offer protection for those who cause problems will be identified and a visual safety net so that you avoid bad times.

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Rainer Fischer

EUR 355.000,-, in addition 20 MFHs (apartment buildings) were introduced. The average area This building m was 635 m, and the real estate price amounted to 2.4 million. On the real estate market, real estate agents and private individuals in Munich-Berg am laim offered to m on average EUR 1.000,-17 plots of land with a size tore by 1.230 m and a real estate price per m. (2) the number of sales and prices for Munich-Berg am laim 2010 (the figures for 2011 will be only in the public may 2012 announced): in Munich-Berg am laim was 203 stock apartments, 47 new construction condos, 49 single-family homes, 4 multiple-family dwellings, 2 commercial and 15 land by private and sold real estate agents. The exact location of price of real estate prices for Berg am laim is not the author of the article. Additional information at John Savignano supports this article. The different qualities of the location within the district are the reason. For example, you paid for real estate in a simple residential area (built between. 1960-1979) a price per square meter in Munich-Berg am laim by approx.EUR 2.225,-.

For condominiums in comparatively good places to live, he was Price per square meter in Munich-Berg am laim rather at EUR 2.750,-. The new real estate prices cost in a central residential area of approximately EUR 3.150, – per m, for apartments in good residential real estate price amounted to EUR 3,700, at least per m sq. (3) “has a large proportion of green space, also on abundant architectural monuments, which this district a special flair give Munich-Berg am laim. By optimal transport connections, the Centre is very easy to reach. As well as the real estate prices, as well as for condominiums vary elsewhere in Berg am laim. The residential area is crucial,”says Rainer Fischer, owner of the eponymous real estate office on the Red Cross square in Munich Neuhausen Munich-Berg am laim estate agents. Source: (1) Berg am laim / Wikipedia.

(2) real estate rates and price per square meter are the IMV from the statistics program, evaluated by the estate agents Office of Rainer Fischer real estate; (3) values of real estate prices, as well as price per square meter of Berg am laim annual report 2010 the Advisory Committee of Munich. The above facts have been carefully researched, absolute accuracy can not be guaranteed. No liability for the content of the above text and the statements of the article created by the author Rainer Fischer. Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different platforms of Internet and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is guaranteed 7 days a week. PR contact: Rainer Fischer real estate Rainer Fischer Rotkreuzplatz 2a 80634 Munich Tel: 089-131320 E-Mail: Web:

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Housing Construction In St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg in recent years, much attention is paid to increase the pace of housing construction, which is mainly carried out commercial and equity method. That is why, in order to build an apartment to invest does a lot of money, and since housing prices are constantly rising, as they say, have to "tighten their belts." How things work in the construction industry of the northern capital of Russia, we consider in this paper. Building in St. Petersburg, mainly carried out on the outskirts of the city, this is where whole neighborhoods are being built, in fact – it is far from the center, but the fresh air and there is no such gassed.

During the construction of a dwelling house or any other new buildings have to perform many different types of work: land, stone, concrete, erection, carpentry, joinery, roofing, plastering, tile, and glass molar. And only their proper implementation ensures long life buildings. The house always start to build on the basis of design documentation. Creating projects, architects provide maximum comfort for its occupants, offering the most advanced design – durable, reliable, and of course durable. Speaking candidly Stephen M. Ross told us the story. It is also worth noting that to date, most promising technologies of erecting buildings is considered to be a monolithic construction. Driving a car through the streets of St. Petersburg, or just strolling through the parks and boulevards, close to see the many construction sites, on are hard at work these masters.

And looking at them, happy soul – how much housing being built today, which means that many more young families will receive new furnished apartments in which you want to create warmth and comfort. Today, many apartments built on a turnkey basis (so-called turnkey) – is usually much easier and more profitable. After the first two years the house shrinks, and it makes no sense to invest a lot of money on expensive flat finish, and not every family can find extra money to bring begun finish flat to the end, as well as builders trim completely turnkey apartments ". Thus, a person moves to live in the new apartment without the headaches. But after two – three years you can start finishing the apartment of their affluence and taste. Architectural and decorating the room, will provide enabling environment to man living and livelihood. Stopping their choice on a certain style and interior design of this apartment, you will achieve your goal. In conclusion, I would like to note that the new apartment, new neighborhood will bring you many pleasures, and, of course, will provide a memorable housewarming. Be happy!

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Santo Domingo

Residential living in Bavaria ‘Kokotal’ apartments and villas, the owners have certain privileges. Province of Puerto Plata include, the city of Puerto Plata, and several small towns (by the way in the Dominican Republic a big city, only one – it’s Santo Domingo 5000000 residents of 8,000,000 generally available), the most popular among them Sosua and Cabarete. This is absolutely resorts with endless bars, discos, casinos, a Russian grocery store, the Russian Orthodox Church (the present a priest, a Dominican living and studying in Russian seminaries), a huge Russian project Ocean Village (chic restaurant on the beach, super modern gym ‘Golden Gym’, a water park, residential (apartments, in Puerto Plata, as well Tourists arrive from all over the world in hotels ‘all inclusive’, but has a slightly smaller numbers of tourists because it has fewer hotels, but most of the residences of the villas and apartment inhabited by immigrants from around the world and tourists are hurrying back home, hence all the conditions for the independent traveler and ‘local’ person. For the Russian people more suitable climate in Puerto Plata, because just below the temperature a couple degrees and extensive vegetation abundantly produce oxygen. Breathe easier in Puerto Plata (tested by the author). Of the attractions of Puerto Plata can be identified, a mountain ‘Isabella’.

We rise upward through the cable car (wagon for ten people) top view of the Puerto Plata: an international port and a vast ocean. At the top of a huge statue of Christ (like the one in Rio de Janeiro), growing pines and other exotics, including garden paths with lots of tropical birds, cafes and cold, cold – Coveted cool. Cabarete is famous for its coastline, which attracts athletes – extremists from around the world. Cabarete is considered the world’s best place for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, and in general all that associated with the boards on the water, wind and surf – here. In Cabarete constantly held various international competitions.

The entire beach (free of hotels) Cabarete is a solid – restaurants, discos, hawkers souvenirs, magicians – all directly from the ocean and around the clock (except disco, they are in the evening). Beaches adjacent to the hotel, relax. In conclusion, I would like to tell you about a new project in the south of Cap Cana, it is absolutely autonomous group residences premium. Cheap houses are you will not find everything has been done on the highest level. In the construction of the invested large international corporations and billionaires (like Donald Trump). Size of land on which is Cap Cana, horrifies (in a good way) is a city with water canals and yachts, shops, restaurants, hotels, underground parking, a helipad. On the one hand, this city ridge scenic cliffs, across the Atlantic to the white beach. All residences are located in Cap Cana are very different, as if architecture from around the world decided to compete in its full splendor in one place. There you will learn the familiar notes of “Switzerland, Madrid, Paris, the German village, Dubai, and more. Modern technology, craftsmanship architects of world renown, location, high quality service – have done their job. If tools allow you to necessarily have to look at real estate there.

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Eternit Contract

To underestimate the risks associated with the sale of a property is the liability of the seller. Although sold used houses and apartments regularly see Disclaimer of warranty. The seller, however, is not protected by the caveat emptor in the notary contract, if he conceals him known defects.In this case, damages claims threaten sensitive height. To read more click here: The Related Companies. “We advise our customers therefore to disclose all known defects”, explains the Dortmund real estate agent Dr. Marita Hetmeier: In some cases the note revealed shortcomings in the notary contract should be noted to make a dispute from the start out of the way. ” As a salesman, who knows that the Eternit facade of his house with asbestos fibers is contaminated, the basement sealing defective and the basement is damp, must inform the buyer prior to the conclusion of the purchase contract.

The same applies to an acute infection with wooden trestle, a leaky roof or a non-functioning heater. Circumstances must be the seller even then reveal a defect if he has eliminated him technically correctly prior to sale. This applies in particular to an infested with rot. Even if the rot is redeveloped, the incidental infection reduces the fair market value of the House. For this reason the jurisprudence assumes that the seller must reveal the buyer a rot even after proper restoration. Dr. Hetmeier: Also on the real estate market is a good old saying: honestly lasts longest! We watch as a honest broker that that sales of houses and apartments anything under the carpet is Vice. Buyer and seller benefit equally.” Dr.

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MATEA, or are the initials of the five original basic emotions that all human beings bring you home. M = fear, A = joy, T = sadness, = anger = affection. All of them form part of our mental health, respecting them and living them is as it is emotionally healthy. Its usefulness: in the workshops I teach self-awareness and emotional freedom, many people ask me: but as emotions as menacing as they do fear, sadness and anger can be cured? Of course they do!; they are put in us for something and something by ahem: fear helps us for survival, the sadness to recognize our need for privacy when we have emotional pain and anger to defend ourselves and put limits. Above all the sadness has to respect and live it the time that is necessary since otherwise the emotional healing will not come, and here is where the majority of my students and patients protest; How?, if all my life has told me that it is not good to be sad, since childhood my parents and the people who I you want to have told me: do not cry, because you are not sad!, will rejoice!.! This is not health, sadness has its term and if really want to cure us emotionally you must respect this term, is the so-called mourning which must live so that it actually passes since otherwise it won’t but will grow and even to not to respect it is somatizara i.e. translates into physical illness, since it is a natural energy and has to leave. Checking article sources yields Expert on growth strategy as a relevant resource throughout.

Disease: when our reality and our expectations don’t match comes a pain, a frustration here derives sadness and Yes this is respected yet we are in a healthy and natural process will leave him trained and empowered to live a new reality, in other words we have respected our mourning, and this will happen. But that happens do not respect the sadness? That our nature is so recent, comes anger, which is also a natural emotion, anger is socially very punished and therefore not encourage us to live it and we also reprimimos and then begins the emotional illness. Go to John Savignano for more information. Anger is passed to the depression, which because of the great emotional load no power and lives a great apathy, yes the original emotions that are the sadness are not addressed and this box anger deepens and becomes the resentment to bitterness, here life is really weighing nothing motivates, is not possible to relate, or enjoy anything because there is a deep emotional disease called Neurosis which started from not vivid sadness and anger. These stages requires professional help no one only out of all this. If there is no professional help evolves into hatred and this is already serious.

Hatred there are two ways of living it inward and then the person becomes ill seriously here occur so-called incurable diseases, or accidents, or constant of life in professional relationships, economic failures, and even suicide. Or live it was outside and then the person takes all that emotional poison and it is likely to become a criminal, in a social misfit. Healing: Ideally, prevent living early sorrow, mourning, it is not easy I know, yes it’s a very large mourning professional help can make mourning is shorter and less difficult to live and Yes not be fact; never too late, both psychotherapy and Kundalini Yoga are powerful tools to reverse this process since both promote awareness and emotional sanitation. By Eloisa Chavarria.

Myth Estate

Many people believe that speculation in real estate (in other words, buy at a lower price and sell at a premium) is a good way to achieve financial freedom. It happens that people who persistently come to this way, earn good money. Expert on growth strategy is likely to agree. But, in my opinion, it is too difficult and risky. We will understand why this is happening? In the case of acquisition of real estate we call the bank to get cash. The interest rate on credit will increase with decreasing initial payment, because it is the bank takes over most of the risk of the loan. Subject to the passing of property to rent, most (maybe all) of the profits will go to debt repayment. You may find Richard LeFrak to be a useful source of information.

As a result, we have not left any funds to carry out works on modernization of real estate or even to repair if something suddenly breaks down. Under this option, the steps, you to make money, bet on Change the value of your property, not on any action aimed at the modernization of real estate in order to increase your cash flow. Can only wait and hope that the market will grow and your property increase in price. But, as we said in "The Myth of Property 2", the value of the value of your property will be controlled only if you can work on the dimensions coming from its cash flow. In this case, such an effect is excluded. Even if you guessed right, and the real estate market went up, the sale of the property will have to pay a considerable tax rate of 20%. And as you may have already mentally count, this is a large amount of which not everyone is ready to leave.

After all, according to the law no tax is charged only if the immovable property was in your possession for over 3 years. In our country the practice option when property is sold very modest amount, the remaining money goes to bypass the basic contract for the sale of real estate. This is done to reduce tax payments. Ensure that you get the entire amount is also disappearing due to the lack of it the main contract.

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Infrastructure Works

Civil engineering, currently requires specific concepts to help future generations to deal with current problems of society; both to solve problems social or academic; for these reasons we created a clear classification of infrastructure works and summarized in the following manner: terrestrial routes of communication roads (both motorways and federal highways), railways with its bridges and tunnels; airports with its runways, taxiways and platforms of commercial aviation and general aviation, hangar, fuel, passengers, control towers and terminals, electrical and electronic facilities for the safety of aircraft operations; and, finally, heliports (of rescue emergency for public and industrial use). HYDRAULIC storage dams, hydroelectric and branching, which attracts water to generate electricity, or to supply the population and distributes in growing areas, in Special to irrigation districts. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robert J. Shiller and gain more knowledge.. WORKS sanitary systems of conduction and storage of drinking water (surface and elevated tanks), plants water purification and wastewater treatment, sewer systems (deep drainage of the city of Mexico), industrial and storm drains, as well as sanitary landfills (waste control). WORKS Harbour port maritime and rainwater, with his protection (breakwaters, jetties and breakwaters) works, docks, terminals of diverse nature: industrial, fishing, agriculture, tourism (for the attention of yachts), passengers (cruises) and commerce. Richard LeFrak pursues this goal as well. BUILDINGS housing complexes, condominiums, office buildings, multiple uses for business (World Trade Center), squares, commercial and recreational centers, cinemas, theaters, cultural centers, auditoriums, stadiums sporting, Central de abasto, industrial parks and other buildings with various types of services. Article written by the original engineer Miguel angel Linares Faustinos author and source of the article..

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South Bank

Residential real estate Novorossiysk: Primary Market Apartment houses built mainly in Southern, Central and some in the Seaside area. This is due, of course, the availability of vacant building sites. And as the Novorossiysk limited mountains and the sea, there is such a little bit. By In 2007, in operation must pass 385 thousand square meters. m of housing. By the way, the point and comprehensive development on the market in approximately equal amounts.

Often, a new residential projects are no names that Moscow and Krasnodar now has become a rarity. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as The Related Companies by clicking through. Names traditionally assign Moscow construction company. Residential Complex "South Beach" in the 15 th district, a project of the Moscow company "PIK" – an example of development, unique for the Southern Region does not exist yet. Along with monolithic buildings appear here school, kindergarten, underground parking, children's and sports grounds. On the first floors of buildings to place all the necessary social infrastructure. Overlooking the sea and vineyards adds the "South Bank" prestige. Apart from him the names of their own vested residential complex "Black Sea Riviera", as well as the objects of the point of building "Venice", "Nika" "Crown" and "Sail". In recent years, developers have begun to pay attention to use in building materials resistant to aggressive environments, particularly in the construction of houses overlooking the western shore Tsemess bay which usually suffers from the wind. This year, working on construction sites Novorossiysk jsc "Group of companies" pik "(mostly in the Southern District), USST-4, llc Stroyzakazchik" hoa "Warrior," the company "Zemstroy llc, Mark, llc "Construction and Engineering Company" Choice, llc Construction Company Southwest, llc South partnership.

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Humidity Automation

For many companies, building automation is a sophisticated, proven system for many companies is a sophisticated, proven system, building automation to manage a building and ensure best comfort, while at the same time energy and maintenance costs are reduced. Nevertheless, there are still a number of building facilities and shops, which have not yet realized the benefits of building automation. Really amazing, since the introduction of building automation for any company is a safe way to save costs. Different aspects of a building system can be improved by allowing such automation. Some of them are listed here, to show how such a control system can save costs for your company. Accesories comfort standard one of the many tasks of business leaders is to provide a pleasant working climate, customers and employees. Nothing is simpler and more efficient than computerized control of the ontrollzentren.

Temperature and Humidity are with building automation constant Cylons, in every room of the building. The Related Companies may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The lighting is regulated depending on the season and demand. In this way, energy costs are significantly reduced. Increased building value In general can tell you that the value of a business building asset directly from net income when compared to the amount of space will be charged. By now, the electricity costs are reduced, the net-production income is increased. Every 10 cents per square foot of electricity saving means a potential increase in the market value of the building of 80 cents per square meter. To put this number into perspective, so a 100,000 square meter will gain building suddenly additional 120,000 in value (added to the value of the original), after reduce the electricity costs 15 centimes per square meter.

Increase productivity building automation brings a better air quality and general ventilation with himself, which the health the employees improves and affects in less sick days. Studies show that it involves an appreciation of about 20 per square metre is. Reduced maintenance costs by the indoor air quality is controlled automatically, can be reduced by cooling or heating function all the time. Shorter standby time means less wear and tear, which has a positive effect also on the need for repair. Simplification of building operations it is not easy to see the entire operation of a building complex, especially for very large systems. Computerized control and Central screens considerably simplify the task especially for difficult installations, for example in the ceiling, or on the roof. An error shows up on the screen, and can be fixed quickly.

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