Dr. Hetmeier recommends leased real estate real estate and who pays taxes like to monuments as serio ses saver model? Wealthy Germans develop as we know lots of energy when it comes to save taxes and crack down on the tax office. But some of the saver models tendered by the financial industry wrote deep red numbers in the past few years. Closed ImmobilienFonds, investments in container ships, film – and media funds were often not well thought out concept. You gave investors not only tax high losses. Many initiator had to compete at all going to the bankruptcy judge. Not much remained mostly for investors. Classic investments into in the form of interest houses and rented condominiums as a serious instrument to optimize tax more the focus.

“A real estate should consider to be the investment even before taxes. If that is guaranteed, you may enjoy many options, offered tax law to the property owner, to reduce its tax burden”, says Dr. agent Marita Hetmeier from Dortmund, Germany. “Who wants to save taxes with real estate, should be but familiar with the basic outline of the taxation of real estate income. That is less complicated than many believe”, says Dr. Hetmeier and fear of the often-maligned German tax law investors. “Basically, it’s easy.

With a rented property you achieve rental income, you must pay tax on. You expect your expenses against your income. They are called related expenses in the tax law. Includes about the depreciation on the cost of the building, used real estate about eighty percent of the purchase price, which forty or fifty years, say: with 2 or 2.5 percent can be depreciated. In addition, can investors assert the annual interest payments to finance the real estate as well as maintenance expenses, so renovation, caused him in the year of assessment for the real estate. If the expenses are higher than the rental income, creates a negative income. This negative income from rental and Leasing can be deducted from other income types in your tax return and decrease as the income or income from commercial activity.” Write-downs are particularly interesting, as she see the tax law for monuments. “Investment costs for a monument-friendly renovation can be upon certification of the Office for twelve years with nine percent per anno in the first eight years and seven percent in the next four years. Who high-quality refurbished a heritage-listed real estate and spread his costs so for twelve years, reducing its tax burden evenly and noticeable and can sell the property after the depreciation tax harmless. “This is one solid thing and very lucrative for investors with a high tax burden.” Copyright: Dr. Hetmeier real estate, Dr.