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ULDO Backmittel GmbH, another trading company opts for the BI solution from Reilingen Reilingen, January 12, 2010 45 years after establishing ULDO one the last medium-sized companies in the industry, which asserts itself as independent group in the market today. And in a segment that has to struggle with narrow margins. In addition to high product and service quality are efficient sales management and a high transparency of income, making possible such a success. To date, the manual creation of the analyses was very costly, the figures were usually not timely and lacked the flexibility, without use of IT staff ad hoc to pursue additional questions. Talend powered by introduction of STAS CONTROL based on Cubeware and STAS CONTROL ETL from January 2010 will change that.

The decision for STAS CONTROL was made for several reasons\”, says Karsten Renz, Assistant to the Managing Director and project manager BI at Acidulants. The recommendation by the Ulm group FRITZ & Orbit: INFOMA, which oversees our IT already for years, was a good start. The solution of the FUM daughter STAS has convinced us then also very quickly in terms of content. Especially the quick start guarantee, which ensures that is the low-risk production startup for a medium-sized company, as we are of great importance. \”The introduction of STAS CONTROL at ULDO will be phased in. In January, starts directly after an upgrade of the existing ERP system, with the sales area of STAS CONTROL. While ULDO expects the biggest benefits of a faster and more targeted provision of data. Success analysis are products, coverage contribution analyses on customer and product level and further analysis in Sales button available.

Time reporting will decrease significantly, users can put together even evaluations, without waiting for the colleagues in IT. That means, of course, a lot of cost savings \”, says Karsten Renz. Thanks STAS CONTROL ETL available us reports using current data available, so that we can respond to market changes much faster than ever before.

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These memory addresses are generally of the best-kept secrets of the manufacturer. And who even knows the places, cannot reap the benefits from the knowledge. Because the whole disk already regardless of the keys transform mathematical procedures in an unreadable bit pattern. Professional data saviors can no longer detect on which sectors at all user data, or just plain meaningless hexadecimal code hides. However, many encryption solutions provide the ability to increase the chances of a later may be necessary data recovery through a well-thought-out preset and the right choice of the decisive parameters in advance. These parameters can be first, that in case of an emergency, a legitimate user can decrypt the data. Second, you set how many additional backup copies of essential Key are created and how they safe way in case of doubt on the data saviors can be passed. Here, Vadim Belyaev expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Plan B the data recovery is especially facilitated if applied in advance for emergency access routes. So some solutions even bring subroutines, which can decrypt the disks again. Such an application is a good insurance, because even turn the key then the authorized administrator”and data can make readable again. Users should pay attention to such options. The solutions offer different opportunities. Important here is that sub modules to decrypt in the boot process can be started or by a recovery media or other workstation started regardless of the actual disk.

McAfee endpoint encryption for example allows this through a low level disaster recovery tool which allows a quick access to the encrypted client as BartPE plugin. It can but only a certain authorized Users have access to the system because otherwise everyone could pick up the encryption. Therefore, the disaster recovery tool only when concurrent access to a machine object in the Central and also encrypted management-base database of the enterprise network can be generated with endpoint encryption.

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Appeleon IT Applications

The apinso gmbh offers with the application platform as a service (APaS) appeleon a new approach to create tailored solutions from the cloud of Mannheim. Organizations can use the application platform as a service (APaS) appeleon of apinso gmbh, Mannheim, now quickly and cost-effectively their own Web applications configure. To take full advantage of appeleon, users only need a Web browser. IT applications in the cloud can be very efficiently implemented with appeleon: fast, stable and reusable as standard software and still as flexibly as individual developments. Via Web service, the appeleon applications can also be integrated without much effort in other solutions. With appeleon, we offer our clients tailored cloud solutions “Made in Germany”.

So far, suppliers from the United States on the European market pushing here. But none of these solutions is so flexible, economical, and made for non-programmers”, is Dirk Laufer, Managing Director of apinso the main advantages of appeleon out. In addition to the ability to build their own applications themselves, organizations on a number of immediately available application templates (ready-to-run) can be accessed. The templates developed by apinso and partners are available in the application Mall of appeleon available and allow all community members to benefit from the experiences and results of the other. With a free Edition, organizations can immediately free of charge test the benefits of appeleon. In the framework of a Premium Edition upgrade to additional users and additional database volume from a monthly fee of 20 euros is possible. Your own appeleon instances can be booked.

In just five minutes, organizations can leverage their own online applications. The appeleon application Mall contains currently many application templates to various tasks. Such as the time and skill management. Also sector – specific and subject-specific templates for the real estate management are offered. All templates are basically so configured that they already in just a few minutes can be used, adapt quickly and simply continue and are reusable.

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