Feathers had already swelled, cristina on top of his head had swelled; the peak with its curvature was taking more consistency. Their black feathers as the Jet were thicker and color flashing in the distance. The mother had already stopped feeding him and he began to lose weight, there were moments more feared by the. He started his first flight for the entire mountain range which showed him like crumpled paper as their domains to which the would have to fly over. I could only see its great Summit the clouds that moved intermittently every day; When there was plenty of sunshine these Ghouls and approached the tip of the Gorge to look at the beautiful planted landscape and its animals. His mother scolded him whenever he approached closer the cliff from where was their home at the peak, almost on top of the yerupaja. The Apu of Huaylas.

Many times some runes had come up to his abode, but looked at him with respect and retired after leaving meals, that the almost not liked, as it was seeds, which wasn’t used. The same one very dark water that smelled very strong. Had already spent six months since its birth and its tender plumage had changed already more than once. Mother told him that it was time that learn to fly by being the Apu of all Kuntures of the majestic Yerupaja where went flying by all the andes, from tierra del fuego to the massifs of the North where the soil was white and inhabited the bears color water. The first day came and I was nervous, mother had prepared for him with very rich meal that brought in its beak, so that you have more forces and can fly together with her. It was at the tip of the Gorge while his mother gave him directions to fly.