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Metal Pipes

– What, you put metal pipes? Darling, you really mad? – Yes everything is normal – Plastic should be put, plate-and-a-stick! Vitaly, the piece of iron – the last century, and-at-y, wake up, the new millennium in the yard – Yeah okay whatever I say – Would be better if she was doing repairs, I swear Suspended ceilings, won without you ordered, and brought it, and made, and all neatly, and you all apartment prodymish welding, then paint the pipes, but they rust and look like black Negro feet on the toilet raskoryacheny And you're bending them as going to the radiator in the kitchen take? Huh? On his head is that it knock? Hello, man, you're listening to me or not – Irishev, calm down, do everything at its best. I put wrench, sat on the floor toilet, with pleasure stretched his stiff legs, and gasped, prepared to give a lecture "a young novice about the benefits of education." – You wonder why such a new, progressive material, as plastic, is not widely used in high-rise construction up to now? Not only in Russia, incidentally, in Germany itself – Then I made a pointedly-admired person and reproachful shake rag, which was wiping his hands – So, in Germany itself plastic pipe not more than 10% of the total number of laid pipelines. Yes, water and gas steel pipes less than life, guaranteed to 10-20 years, yes, them harder to mount

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Krasnodar Territory

Quality of pavement at the entrance of the Krasnodar Territory, M29 is a two-lane road with the old, but properly repaired surface. The length of this section is about 20 km. It passes turn on Cherkessk (A155) and rests on a roundabout, where you can turn to Stavropol or continue moving in the direction of Nevinnomyssk and Caucasian Mineral Waters. Towards regional capital trail leads A154, feature of traffic which is a 2 protracted recovery. The first of them can pass without problems – in the same direction are two bands that can overtake the truck. Incidentally, in the right lane here it is better not to go: special dashed off in the asphalt deep ruts, so that foreign car with a small clearance can easily hitch a bottom.

On this site is planned to open an alternative road, whose construction is already few years. The second rise is problematic: it is the reconstruction of the roadway. Being a long time, and so far inconclusive. Traffic is possible only in two bands, and the average speed on segment 2 km is 10-15 km / h. Prohibit overtaking in the opposite signs, and do so not worth it: there's often worth the crew of dps with the means . Land route between the two lifts is a two-lane road divided solid, which winds between the hills and villages. Average speed is not more than 50-60 km / h and overtaking most dangerous. After the second rise A154 turns into a quad track with the state asphalt on a solid four, and so to the city of Stavropol.

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Gardening Tips

Roses are still the queens of flowers garden! Therefore, in this paper, we have decided to tell you more about these beautiful flowers, their varieties, soil requirements, watering, sunlight and so. Roses are not just decorate your garden – they are the first indicator of your attention to your own garden, your superior taste and hard work. On the other hand – the flowers do not require diligent care and costs a lot of resources, and look always chic, as in an ensemble with other colors as well as themselves. Roses – Roses queen of your garden landscape design to scale vyboroli itself first in the time of kingdoms and empires, and held it during the radical minimalism of the eighties. Masters of design often manage to do only with roses, creating yet rich in color, and form an ensemble of different varieties of roses. In a formal European garden roses or combination with perennials if necessary separated from each other by a border of boxwood. Unfortunately, not everywhere in our climate, we can use the boxwood as a hedge – it is not enough frost. Alternatively, you can offer short-haired border of hyssop or wormwood have, besides, a pleasant smell, which blends with the scent of roses.

Roses are grateful to raznouravnevym bed. Low grades prefer a high fence and do not need to be supplemented, high chic look the same at low seed planting flowers. You choose – from marigolds and chernobryvtsev to aquilegia you can use any colors that are well combined with hints of roses.

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