Quality of pavement at the entrance of the Krasnodar Territory, M29 is a two-lane road with the old, but properly repaired surface. The length of this section is about 20 km. It passes turn on Cherkessk (A155) and rests on a roundabout, where you can turn to Stavropol or continue moving in the direction of Nevinnomyssk and Caucasian Mineral Waters. Towards regional capital trail leads A154, feature of traffic which is a 2 protracted recovery. The first of them can pass without problems – in the same direction are two bands that can overtake the truck. Incidentally, in the right lane here it is better not to go: special dashed off in the asphalt deep ruts, so that foreign car with a small clearance can easily hitch a bottom.

On this site is planned to open an alternative road, whose construction is already few years. The second rise is problematic: it is the reconstruction of the roadway. Being a long time, and so far inconclusive. Traffic is possible only in two bands, and the average speed on segment 2 km is 10-15 km / h. Prohibit overtaking in the opposite signs, and do so not worth it: there's often worth the crew of dps with the means . Land route between the two lifts is a two-lane road divided solid, which winds between the hills and villages. Average speed is not more than 50-60 km / h and overtaking most dangerous. After the second rise A154 turns into a quad track with the state asphalt on a solid four, and so to the city of Stavropol.