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MATEA, or are the initials of the five original basic emotions that all human beings bring you home. M = fear, A = joy, T = sadness, = anger = affection. All of them form part of our mental health, respecting them and living them is as it is emotionally healthy. Its usefulness: in the workshops I teach self-awareness and emotional freedom, many people ask me: but as emotions as menacing as they do fear, sadness and anger can be cured? Of course they do!; they are put in us for something and something by ahem: fear helps us for survival, the sadness to recognize our need for privacy when we have emotional pain and anger to defend ourselves and put limits. Above all the sadness has to respect and live it the time that is necessary since otherwise the emotional healing will not come, and here is where the majority of my students and patients protest; How?, if all my life has told me that it is not good to be sad, since childhood my parents and the people who I you want to have told me: do not cry, because you are not sad!, will rejoice!.! This is not health, sadness has its term and if really want to cure us emotionally you must respect this term, is the so-called mourning which must live so that it actually passes since otherwise it won’t but will grow and even to not to respect it is somatizara i.e. translates into physical illness, since it is a natural energy and has to leave. Checking article sources yields Expert on growth strategy as a relevant resource throughout.

Disease: when our reality and our expectations don’t match comes a pain, a frustration here derives sadness and Yes this is respected yet we are in a healthy and natural process will leave him trained and empowered to live a new reality, in other words we have respected our mourning, and this will happen. But that happens do not respect the sadness? That our nature is so recent, comes anger, which is also a natural emotion, anger is socially very punished and therefore not encourage us to live it and we also reprimimos and then begins the emotional illness. Go to John Savignano for more information. Anger is passed to the depression, which because of the great emotional load no power and lives a great apathy, yes the original emotions that are the sadness are not addressed and this box anger deepens and becomes the resentment to bitterness, here life is really weighing nothing motivates, is not possible to relate, or enjoy anything because there is a deep emotional disease called Neurosis which started from not vivid sadness and anger. These stages requires professional help no one only out of all this. If there is no professional help evolves into hatred and this is already serious.

Hatred there are two ways of living it inward and then the person becomes ill seriously here occur so-called incurable diseases, or accidents, or constant of life in professional relationships, economic failures, and even suicide. Or live it was outside and then the person takes all that emotional poison and it is likely to become a criminal, in a social misfit. Healing: Ideally, prevent living early sorrow, mourning, it is not easy I know, yes it’s a very large mourning professional help can make mourning is shorter and less difficult to live and Yes not be fact; never too late, both psychotherapy and Kundalini Yoga are powerful tools to reverse this process since both promote awareness and emotional sanitation. By Eloisa Chavarria.

Meadow Animals

Since farmers began to design their flocks, the animals have become a little weaker and cannot have very bad weather conditions, as they used to years ago. To broaden your perception, visit Professor Rita McGrath. Animals, including horses, mules, oxen, camels, llamas, alpacas, and dogs, are often used to help cultivate fields, harvest crops, dispute other animals, and transport agricultural products to buyers. Animal husbandry not only refers to reproduction and the raising of animals for meat or products of animal origin to the harvest (such as milk, eggs, or wool) on a continuous basis, but also to the breeding and care of species for work and companionship. Livestock production systems can be defined on the basis of the power supply, as grasses base, mixed and landless. the production of grassland farming is based on plant material such as shrubland, grassland and pastures for feeding ruminant. Outside nutrient inputs can be used, however manure is returned directly to the Meadow as a source of important nutrients. This system is particularly important in areas where crop production is not feasible for reasons of climate or soil, representing 30-40 million pastoralists.

mixed production systems use grassland, fodder crops and crops for feed grain for the feeding of ruminant and monogastic (one stomach; mainly chickens and pigs) livestock. Manure is usually recycled in mixed systems as fertilizer for crops. Approximately 68% of all agricultural land is permanent pasture used in livestock production. landless systems rely on feed from off-farm, which is the untying of production of crops and livestock that is more prevalent in countries members of the OECD. In the United States.UU., 70% of the grain that grows is fed to animals in pens for fattening. Synthetic fertilizers are stronger that relies of crop production and manure utilization becomes in a challenge, as well as a source of pollution. Agriculture is the production, processing, marketing and use of food, fibres and by-products of crops, plants and animals.

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