A Menorca can not be reached by car, as you can imagine, so it is best to fly the ship even though the option may be appropriate if you travel with your partner and you find exciting journey by sea. It is longer, eye, since Valencia is 16 hours and from Barcelona in August, and probably the price is not much cheaper than the plane. Rent a car in Menorca and go by plane, the best options might have thought aharrar take your car to what you can when traveling around the island. I do not recommend this option. First, because moving the car on the boat is almost as expensive as the car rental in Menorca. Second, there is little traveled a long way on the island, rather than suffer a rental car to your own. The coves and beaches of Menorca is a beautiful island of natural beauty, with dozens of bays, some with difficult access and some even charge (Algaiarens). Yes, the water is pristine and quiet hues from blue to emerald green and white colored sand.

Most beaches have plenty of vegetation. Menorca was invented mayonnaise and garlic mayonnaise, so do not hesitate to try them too. Ciutadella, Mahon and Fornells, are where you find more variety and better restaurants. And at night … Ibiza Menorca is not, care. Menorca is a natural island so you will not find many big clubs or local. Among the most recommended in the Cave d'Xoroix as shops by day and night club, part of a cliff and is really impressive. The entry is expensive, but are open daily in summer, so you can take advantage of to go there one day than the weekend, do not drink too much and the club is very interesting in Ciutadella and Mahon on Friday and Saturday night is when is the best environment.