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But the house was not even put into operation when he had to raise the question of its sale. Neither the children nor the parents of the brothers could not imagine a life together, not to mention the wives of the brothers. Thus ended the idealization. 3. Home or place? The second fact, which must realize, before looking for a house is this: you buy yourself a house, a place where he located.

Unfortunately, the ideal, as mentioned above, no. Pursuing a selection of private homes for themselves or others for more than 25 years, I have discovered this principle: not to get frustrated by their choice, decide at once – that you buy a place or structure. In my youth, I must admit I did not care. When I got married and our son was born, I was 20 years old, I was in college, and only to find it: find at least something where you can live separately from parents. We rented the first room behind the stove, and then build an extension, where earlier there was an underground plant for the manufacture of cemetery wreaths, then a separate house with a plot. But still it was better than a concrete cell in .

I had every day to carry water in buckets, chopping wood, use the stove, etc. But you can safely go outside and do everything you want, without incurring any danger or indecent curiosity of others. Very hot issue 'place or a house' stood up when we started picking up a house with a site in Yekaterinburg, and then in Bulgaria.

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European Union

There are many reasons that make the desire to have a property abroad is so attractive. For someone overseas property – a necessary attribute of social success, for someone – a tribute to fashion or investment attractiveness, but, anyway, buying property in the Czech Republic, you get a lot of promising opportunities. Whereas previously the presence of a house or apartment in Europe was a dream above the clouds and was perceived as inheritance for the elite, now with the change of political structures, social development and integration, real estate in the Czech Republic – quite affordable, promising, and even making a profit for the reality. A simple analysis of the figures shows that a good home in an ecologically clean area with good infrastructure in Prague would cost several times cheaper than a similar facility in a suburb of Moscow. Today you can become the owner of the apartment in Prague without having hundreds of thousands of conventional units, and not resorting to the possibilities of mortgage lending. And when you consider that the mortgage loan to purchase property in the Czech Republic is quite affordable, the amount of initial investment becomes very real and accessible. In deciding where you plan to buy a property, you need to take into account country-specific cultural and mental differences.

Perhaps the question of choosing the country and will not be to stand strong for more cosmopolitan categories of citizens who do not have the linguistic and mental barriers, or if you just invest in real estate. But if you decide to use the acquired property and plan to at least some time hold in this country, to give children an education, to conduct business, you must agree with the fact that culture, education and social environments shape us and easier to integrate into society with more or less similar characteristics. In this regard, the Czech Republic is very suitable for Russian buyers. We note in particular the western part of the Czech Republic, where are the famous resort city. In Karlovy Vary, the abundance of Russian speech, and signs in stores create special home feeling of comfort and belonging. Another indisputable advantage of purchasing property in the Czech Republic is the current state status Czech Republic – eu membership and entry into the Schengen zone. With the accession in 2004, the European Union, the cost of real estate in the Czech Republic rose by about two times, and under forecasts of experts, these prices will rise and approach the level of prices in neighboring European countries. In Overall, the Czech Republic called the most promising among the newcomers eu. Buying property in the Czech Republic, you get a chance to become a citizen of a European state, the visa-free travel to Europe, receive a European education and develop the business. European education – an investment in the future and the opportunity for full realization of your children.

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Housing and Location

First of all, look at the distance from Moscow and the time spent on the trip. The greatest potential growth have territory within a radius of 120-300 kilometers from Moscow time the entrance to the site from 1,5 to 3,5 hours. Climb further as long as it makes no sense. One exception – if you like the site is in close proximity to a large body of water (as the realtors – "the water people always go"), a – a famous all over the country place or constructed (under construction) for infrastructure projects: hotels, ranches, parks, clinics, operating popular hunting farm or a major new settlement. Richard LeFrak has many thoughts on the issue. Acquired land there, especially a relatively large area with a view to its transfer to another category of land, or partition it into smaller ones for subsequent sale, maximum increase in the price and bring the greatest return. Note the presence of communications. The most expensive – gas.

It can not be, but its holding to a particular locality situated next to the your site may be in the design stage. If so, then this will significantly increase the cost of land. Reliable information about it can only provide the district authorities. Ask them – do not be lazy. and remember to cut into the line would have to lay at least 1000 rubles per meter of gas pipe to your future home ownership. The road to the sand bag and dumping rubble will cost you at least a kilometer 1000000 rubles. Electricity can be connected individually only in the presence of power lines along the area or are already on it, and the cost is very inexpensive when it comes to power at no more than 15 kW per site and, in most regions, about 9,500 rubles per 1 kW, if you need more power.

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Block module – is a construction consisting of a metal frame and frame elements having a closed inner space of a small area, suitable for use in household and industrial purposes. Block-modules combined into groups comprise modular buildings. On the market use different names for products, representing a block-modules is cabins, containers, car-house, cabins, blocks, modules, etc. But the bottom line and overall design features all the same. This article I want to answer the common prejudices and opinions on a block-modules, and to justify them. Checking article sources yields Robert J. Shiller as a relevant resource throughout. Myth 1. Building block of units – cheaper capital.

The block-modular construction of three categories of buildings: * building cabins cheap (price category 12.9 thousand rubles per square meter) * block-modules for temporary (short term) placement offices and dormitories (price category – 15-17 rubles per meter) * and buildings permanent placement of office and household purposes, or to place specific technical and technological facilities (laboratories, etc.) (price category of 24 thousand rubles per square meter). For the first two categories of claim cheapness is correct, but note the quality and durability of the obtained premises. As regards the third category, the cost of construction is comparable to the cost of capital building. This is due to the fact that imposed requirements dictate the use of quality materials, engineering systems and compliance technologies, which leads to higher prices for final products. Myth 2. Block-modules is a low-technology product, do not requiring serious production and highly qualified personnel. For the first category of modules – in fact, all it takes is your hands and the flat area in the open.

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Office Rentals

Despite obvious signs of economic growth of most eu countries, fixed on during the first half of this year, commercial real estate markets in most eu countries are going through hard times. So, for example, in January-March 2010, the number of leased offices in the Old World fell by 9% compared to the last quarter of last year. At the same time, it should be noted in the I quarter of this year lease was deposited 38% more space than the same period a year earlier. The volume of entering new business centers continue to decline, leading to a gradual reduction of the gap between supply and demand, and in the medium perspective – to a shortage of quality offices. However, notable is the fact that fewer than half of all investments in commercial real estate in Europe, it is necessary to segment retail facilities, and number of transactions in this segment in the first half of 2010 doubled over the same period last year, according to Fellton.ru. In the first quarter of 2010 from 19 billion euros of investments in this sector had about 8 billion euros. This strong growth in investment in commercial properties associated with their stable high returns even in times of crisis. As regards the capital market of office and retail real estate, Moscow has traditionally been the first places at a cost of rentals in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). According to market analysts, renting an office in the Russian capital in the first quarter increased by 2.9% and rental value of commercial real estate bypassed Paris and went to second place in the rankings, trailing only London's West Endu.

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Meadow Animals

Since farmers began to design their flocks, the animals have become a little weaker and cannot have very bad weather conditions, as they used to years ago. To broaden your perception, visit Professor Rita McGrath. Animals, including horses, mules, oxen, camels, llamas, alpacas, and dogs, are often used to help cultivate fields, harvest crops, dispute other animals, and transport agricultural products to buyers. Animal husbandry not only refers to reproduction and the raising of animals for meat or products of animal origin to the harvest (such as milk, eggs, or wool) on a continuous basis, but also to the breeding and care of species for work and companionship. Livestock production systems can be defined on the basis of the power supply, as grasses base, mixed and landless. the production of grassland farming is based on plant material such as shrubland, grassland and pastures for feeding ruminant. Outside nutrient inputs can be used, however manure is returned directly to the Meadow as a source of important nutrients. This system is particularly important in areas where crop production is not feasible for reasons of climate or soil, representing 30-40 million pastoralists.

mixed production systems use grassland, fodder crops and crops for feed grain for the feeding of ruminant and monogastic (one stomach; mainly chickens and pigs) livestock. Manure is usually recycled in mixed systems as fertilizer for crops. Approximately 68% of all agricultural land is permanent pasture used in livestock production. landless systems rely on feed from off-farm, which is the untying of production of crops and livestock that is more prevalent in countries members of the OECD. In the United States.UU., 70% of the grain that grows is fed to animals in pens for fattening. Synthetic fertilizers are stronger that relies of crop production and manure utilization becomes in a challenge, as well as a source of pollution. Agriculture is the production, processing, marketing and use of food, fibres and by-products of crops, plants and animals.

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Choose Your Rustic Country Home

Almost all the inhabitants of megacities are thinking that some time of their lives in a remote village with her grandmother. Take a break from the hustle back in place. In the past, the majority of people has got villas, but now such small plots are not interesting. Wanting to build a decent and one-storey house in a new place, city dwellers are faced with many challenges. Construction technologies and countless difficult to choose the right one. Such as common house of the felled pine trees and flood homes, panel houses a variety of Canadian houses, brick houses, etc. One of the oldest and most widespread in our middle lane overlooking Technology construction of a log cabin home. A house built of softwood trees.

The most common are spruce and pine, it is desirable not podsochennye (ie which do not collect resin). Two centuries ago the future logs in the woods hem and waited a year to dry, then cut and on horseback in winter on snow trail to the place of construction. Built a house in the normally without foundation, or on stones or on stumps. House cut with an ax, this Technology longer is not destroyed, than that which applies now. Now cut up the house is not chopped and sawed with saws. When sawing saw tears pores that run along the tree trunk and water vapor freely can enter into the pines. When cutting a wooden house with an ax, on the contrary all the pores are pressed and the tree always remains dry.

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Future Construction Of New Homes In Omsk

Past few years, Omsk, like most large cities of Russia, has turned into a vast construction site. Various facilities are erected in various parts of the city. The administration assured that construction should not be restrained, and more will be erected dwellings, the cheaper it will cost. Buy a flat in Omsk now apartments for sale in Omsk, a few stopped because citizens are not able to acquire housing, even through mortgage lending. Although property prices are falling slowly, the material does not allow the possibility of Omsk acquire the desired apartment. Statistics reveal that the greatest demand among citizens with middle-income use 2-bedroom apartments on the secondary market of about 50 square meters. Now in Omsk for the most part built multi-storey houses, and other types of housing being developed fairly slowly. Main Architect of finds that in the near future will justify the construction of low-rise housing.

Townhouse – Property of the xxi century in some parts of the city is building townhouses, which are relatively new housing. This is somewhat of cottages set in a row. Each townhouse has a separate entrance, garage and land in the backyard. Previously they were considered the elite real estate market and were not available all. Now, experts are considering townhouses as a cost housing, since living in them reduces spending on utilities, which is especially important for large cities. More and more people want to live not in high-rise house, and even small, but a separate cottage. Shortage of urban land for construction of individual houses become the core foundation of occurrence of this type of housing. Prospects of suburban real estate is estimated independent experts, real estate in Omsk is presented in the main building in the city, and suburban housing market is underdeveloped.

Yet in recent years have seen efforts to build villages with cottages in the same architectural style. In the nearest plans – construction in Omsk "Bavarian Village, a residential complex which will correspond to a single Bavarian style. The new array will consist of two streets, which will be erected 33 cottages with attics, It also planned to be walking paths, children's and sports grounds. The city believes that the housing in Omsk will become not only more accessible but also more beautiful and comfortable. Real Estate Market Development Omsk Given all the possible perspectives of housing construction in Omsk, it can be concluded about the development of the property market in three central areas. First, is the realization of the apartments on the secondary market, which is most acceptable to most residents. Secondly, the construction and sale of cheap townhouses. Third, is the construction of suburban cottage settlements. Obviously, each of these areas has certain advantages and is able to cut its own segment of the housing market. Complex as the use of all three directions, perhaps, decide the issue deficit residential property Omsk in general.

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