The biscuit vitamin is the one that vendia and it already left a copo of always liquidificar soon with the beaten said one. The customer asked for and was alone of the one balanced in the cup and to serve. In the greenhouse he always had coxinhas, cassava cookie and crayon. Eneir and I worked in an accounting office and in the fifteen minutes of coffee of each expedient people went to the Tefilo to make a snack and to increase our account. Who is that it never had a crisis of laughs. Therefore it is, we were all working with tenacity in the office to give account to in time calculate the ICMS of being paid in the date of maturity. One would function of the office was for marrying and would go to leave the work, what it would result in more service for us others.

The young one was very responsible and was working very to leave what it made in day before its I marry. Ace times, without wanting, you pronounce a double phrase of sensible. To break I silence it that the Eneir reigned in the office at that moment decided to make a recognition to the effort of would function that was gives leaving in them because of the nuptials. It capsized for would function fianc and said: Girl, really these days you have caught in the hard one. In the hour I caught double sensible of the phrase, in special why the girl this in ways of if marrying. I looked at for the Eneir and we fall in a crisis of laughs that never did not finish.

The solution was to anticipate ours gone to the Tefilo and to make our snack of each turn. I passed on the other hand of the block and the Eneir for another one. We arrive at the snack bar and we continue to laugh. Locked up ours fifteen minutes of interval we come back to the office, but before we combine that one would go to the front of the other not to arrive together, preventing the continuation of the outbursts of laughter. We seat in our chairs and we are in I silence one two minutes. When one looked at for the face of the other the attack of laughs came back. The young woman who already had understood the reason of reefed ours was roborizada and left stops its interval of coffee, in giving the freedom to arrange a form to finish with that crisis of laughs.