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The Building

They were the deceased of the land that prayed Relutei me in joining me its conjuncts, therefore they were conjuncts without reply. I ran away running for a distant place My eyes if open, my conscience if expands and I see and hear things that did not want to see My funny soul in one torvelinho of fire and flames Way on alive live coals with the naked feet, and I am not burnt I enter in the cavern of the lion and kiss the face of the serpent. Again the sound of a clap silences breaches it of the dawn. In the way of the street a man fell dead, in the same hour where a falling leaf falls of a tree A premature child finished to be born. In some dark place a woman trai its husband who is in house, sick person. Stars scintillate in the sky. Waves arrebentam in the beach Life that if esvai in the blackout of the death. Passion.

Perversion. Escancaradas jaws. Hunger. Mouth that all devora. Rocks transformed into breads! It does not eat this, is poisonous! The night falls. Sadness. Melancholy. Robert J. Shiller may also support this cause. Silence.

Sun appearing in the horizon. Days that go and come back, without nothing to lead, nothing to bring. Empty days for empty souls. Ants cutting the leves of a roseiral. Sound of an airplane cutting the sky A blind knife at the hands of a sick man, cutting to the meats tenras of a woman Shouts of aid I cry. Voices of children. Pardais. Parents who play the just-born children, in the garbage. Parents who play the children of the high one of the building. Broken hearts An old one that it dies full of repentances. Occult farewells and distances in other distances Voices that nothing say. An car passes in front in the street. Fraquinha rains a rain. Yesterday it made a insuportvel heat. Barks. Commotion of well-you-vile. Died of sleep after a sleeplessness night. Died of repentance after a night of love without love. Bought love. Cheap love Pain in the chest. The way of the true life is narrow and sharp as the wire of a razor. Children playing. More barks of dogs. Again the voices of deceased if raise of the tombs and cry out for the wind!

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The GIRL OF from above FLOOR Teo arrived of the work at the 8 of the night. Exausto if played in the sofa. The door was closed for the strong wind that came for the open window of its apartment. – Drug, that cold. Unhappy wind. The policy notary closed the window and slept a sleep heavy. He dreamed of an earthquake in the police station. All the prisoners had run away and one cried out: ' ' we will go to catch you face.

We will go you matar' '. It woke up with the curtain of the room beating in its face. The wind had opened the veneziana that is not well closed. ' ' Furaco&#039 only can be one; ' , it thought aturdido. There it are sighted a girl. Its neighbor who finishes to move. She was plus that she moves in little time for that building. ' ' She will be that she is here in the floor on? ' ' The question already had been formulated in its mind more than five times in the last year.

' ' What devils happen with the people who live in this apartment on? ' ' It was to another question. A Teo reply not yet it had until why nor it had time to investigate this. Not even it was its profession, to investigate. It continued looking at for the window. Now it had lowered the glass and it thought as that young woman was risky. To still change with a cold and wind of those and in that apartment that everybody banished. Half zonzo of sleep, after all works twenty and four hours, right-hander and sleeps only one hour, looked at for the clock and saw that it needed to sleep more. – My God, who thing, necessary to sleep. It balanced the head.

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