There is no question that mankind has engaged in a constant search for welfare. Many people, including us, realized that this Welfare ground search, has three important and unique aspects which in turn are subdivided into several more. Indeed then, there are three keys to be really Welfare door, with them, Health, Money and Time. Explains, because there is no doubt that this is the formula, opting for the elimination of any of these variables, for example in the equation: health + – long the result will be equal to the lack of welfare, because being healthy, money and not having time to enjoy them is as similar to not having them. Try removing any of these variables and the result is the same, the grim reality that surrounds us, Lack of Welfare. Therefore, from here, we urge the tireless search engines as they address welfare by all means to achieve this, stop by obtaining first of three keys, otherwise, our search will be fruitless at the end of everything.

We then also define the meaning of Welfare and to the question “What is Wellness?, We can only respond: Welfare is simply to be well, may sound funny, or perhaps pulled by the hair, but the answer is so simple and that of logical Well-being is just being good. But be well in what? As described earlier, the pursuit of wellness implies the achievement of the three keys that will open this door, we also mentioned earlier that there are more subdivisions. For example in the Health .- obtaining this key healthy eater passes through three known fields: Body Mind and Soul S should elaborate a little more about the functions that satisfy each of these components, portent do so in subsequent articles.