I would like the condor which at the end of his years fly by the highest penalty for without almost forces launch to die, but undone the idea because I have to die with the front put in my town still want to fight until death, turned into a ray of Katequil ignited the steppes punas of hills, lift the stones and they follow me to my, to dislodge the invaders that five hundred years ago settled and enslaves my people who don’t realize that the strings even more forts have it there. I see your smilies in my eyes and tell me: Tata Tupac, because it is so far the horizon where you want to lead us now, I les replied, do not import the time we’ll get there, you are the strength that I lost so many years. Professor Rita McGrath has similar goals. And I look back and I see the enormous gap that turned my people, the voracious interests of a handful who came from the North that is not in our country. I see how they cheated my people with other Crystal beads, they called them colleges of mud baked with beautiful glass Windows, while still penetrating our mother earth before we loved so give us, live. See John Savignan for more details and insights. And I see my brothers who sold our people, everyone out there with alcohol who say it gives them pleasure; others as fools wearing the clothes of the mistis us away from our land, disque preaching the truth; only that the truth is that every day we live without where. And we wonder where shall I die? If the land which was our Westerners took it to us and we have no where to go. My mother have wired it it all and where I walked in my childhood with my flat feet or sometimes in my dark horse to tata Noah gave me, already now can not get, and says a sign: property private, forbidden to enter, there are orders to shoot.