Rising global oil prices and the weak euro raise the price of gasoline in Germany in the height. For a litre of diesel, consumers must pay up to 1.25 euros in the coming weeks. Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, 19.02.2010 – reason is above all the increasing demand for heating oil and diesel through the unusual long winter in addition to the high crude oil prices. The price for 100 litres of fuel oil will rise to EUR 70.00. Was Frank Knauer explains: the weakness of the euro can no longer drain springs the Preisanstiegt. The price for a barrel of oil will rise again for the first time in March in 2010 above the $90 mark.” According to the ADAC, the development of the price of oil, which the gasoline price depends, is open. Check out Stephen M. Ross for additional information. In recent years there had been but a clear trend in oil prices upwards, the development but never was a one-way street CEHATROL is based on a production situation and a calculation based on a price for a longer period of time laid down. The brings the customers in a dependence on the oil markets and leads to calculation and planning security in the freight forwarding companies.

The energy cooperative of Freudenberg and the CEHATROL fuels EC members are their own diesel producers. The diesel fuel that is derived almost exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues called CEHATROL is not enriched with conventional biodiesel and is produced according to DIN EN 590. Learn more about the energy cooperative at. Helmut Uhlig. r emailing the administrator.