Also hosts many temporary exhibitions and activities. Cultural center Montehermoso: is defined as an area of production, exhibition and dissemination of art and contemporary thought, which has among its primary objectives the implementation of policies on equality between the sexes. Museum of Fine Arts. Sito in Augusti Palace on Paseo de Fray Francisco, 8.Painting Basque customs. Arms Museum, Near Ajuria Enea. Paseo de Fray Francisco, 3. Arms and numerous items related to military activities that encompass the entire story up the museum collection. To highlight a section dedicated to the Battle of Vitoria. Museum of Archeology. Located in the Casa Gobeo-Gevara, XVI century building on Calle Correr a 116. Of the Araba archaeological objects have been removed in the collection of this museum, from the earliest traces of human activity until the Middle Ages. Museum of Natural Sciences. It is located right in the medieval quarter, inside the renovated Tower of Do a Ochanda (Street Servants of Jesus, 24). The physical and natural environment provides an outstanding repertoire in the halls of this museum (minerals, insects, butterflies, etc.). Fournier Playing Card Museum. In this unique museum can enjoy the history of cards and progress of the graphic arts by looking at the world’s greatest collection of cards. The building that houses the Palace is situated on Calle Benda a Cutlery, s / n. Museum of Religious Art.In the Cathedral of Mary Immaculate (New Cathedral) there are important pieces of religious heritage Alava. Lanterns Museum. Unique museum located in the medieval quarter. C / Shoes, 35 ‘. It houses the beautiful parts of the Rosary procession of lanterns every 4 August to evening through the streets of downtown. MUSEUMS: Arms Museum: 945 18 19 25. Archaeological Museum: 945 18 19 22. Natural Science Museum: 945 18 19 24. Museum Fournier’s Suit: 945 18 19 20. Museum of Sacred Art: 945 181918.