Read the first part in Rio de Janeiro there is the city that appears in promotional newsletters used by travel agencies with idyllic beaches, fantastic carnivals, mythical stadiums and delights in abundance. Unfortunately there is also the city’s favelas where poverty 11,000 children and adults alike. The issue is of gravity that the authorities has thought the idea of lifting a wall around the neighborhoods poorer city. The wall of three meters, they said those who propose it, would help the security forces to control the favelas of Rocinha, Vidigal and Parque da Cidade, areas in where there have been outbreaks of violence among gangs of drug traffickers. Definitely River has only the friendly face of the garotas and the Nice jogo of your choice! The situation is repeated again and again in different cities: poverty and wealth coexist as twin brothers in all places and countries got used to move forward and continue its path towards the full development without solving the problems of the needy. Colombia is no exception in this matter. In our cities have also promotional brochures Cartagena in where are the beautiful beaches of Bocagrande, the historic downtown area and the complete tourist infrastructure; and the Cartagena of the neighborhoods where poverty is a sad reality with its manifestations of shortages, unemployment, hunger and misery.

I just could say of Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Riohacha, Bogota but, how correct this situation? Obviously not it revive the anachronistic discourse of antagonism of classes. He is not leveling everyone conservatively, but to create opportunities so that all citizens have access to a dignified manner to solve unmet basic needs. Poverty is not solved by depriving those who have their properties to give them to the needy; nor with the approach to Malthusian thank you to wars and natural disasters because it reduces the the number of people whose needs must be addressed. Poverty should be solved through serious programmes implemented by honest Governments to avoid that by way of corruption are esfumen resources to ensure the maximum possible coverage in education and health. But, definitely, poverty must be reduced it giving people tools to improve their condition and the best instrument is a worthy and honest means to obtain sufficient income. When a family has sufficient income is dedicated to live and enjoy their property even though they are scarce. And generally not engaged to theft or prostitution. And not disrupt the rest of the tourists on the beaches to sell you a soda or a pair of glasses.

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