Bonner real estate market is on the upswing. Prices remain moderate compared to Munich or Hamburg. The prices on the real estate market of the Bonner enjoyed a slight increase in recent years. Also in comparison to 2010 were to observe rising prices for a wide range of object types. In the area of investment, the inflation was boosted by the financial market crisis and escape resulting in tangible assets. The causes lie deeper in the residential real estate sector.

Dr. Niels Jacobsen, Managing Director of immoverkauf24: Bonn follows a positive trend already. The city boasts not only the charm of your building and its location on the Rhine, she has long overcome the trauma of their capital and established itself as a sustainable science and economy.” The square metre price for condos and houses has risen slightly. According to current real estate price levels of immoverkauf24 homebuyers must pay an average of 370,000 euros for a detached house with an area of approximately 120 square meters living space. It occupies Bonn compared German medium-sized cities rank 9. For a condo in the very good layers of Bad Godesberg or South City real estate sellers can estimate between 2,000 to 2,800 euros per square meter. Real estate is still affordable in districts with a simple middle position Geislar, Tannenbusch Auerberg.

Here the square metre price for condominiums are 1,000 to 1,800 Euro depending on the model and condition of the object. The building plots for a detached single family home real estate prices are on average 315 euros per square meter. According to the price survey, buyers of townhouses in the cut must pay 170,000 euros. Forecast for 2012 is a relief of the Bonn housing market for 2012 is not in sight, as the importance of the business location Bonn continuously grows. The former federal capital is already densely populated with a population density of 2300 inhabitants per square kilometer and there are constantly new residents added. Housing demand will therefore continue grow, while offering especially in the coveted neighborhoods like bad Godesberg, South City or popular further shrinks. The price level in Bonn is though by far not comparable to the achievable sales prices in the cities of Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt, but compared to the smaller to medium-sized cities, including Bonn also counts, the Bonner real estate market is quite interesting.