Concrete (beton) is a building material obtained as a result of solidification of rationally selected and compacted mixture of binder referred to as cement, aggregates such as slag and water. In some cases it may contain special additives. Concrete is widely used in all countries for the construction of various designs, ranging from residential buildings ending with a huge entertainment complexes. History tells us that the concrete is widely we used over 6000 years ago in ancient Rome. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the method of construction of concrete was lost for nearly 1000 years. In the modern interpretation of the concrete in a cement binder began to be used in 1844 by I. Johnson.

At this stage of modern construction with no concrete, mortar and concrete is a part of building. Thanks to its solid structure in Russia, concrete, cement concrete and reinforced concrete used in construction of tall buildings industrial and civil purposes, port facilities and bridges. For example, concrete in St. Petersburg was the basic building material for construction and building canals, dams. Won the first time since 1941 concrete was used as a restorative material for the reconstruction of the building. Circumstances have pushed to develop original methods for removing damaged main bearing structures of buildings, bridges and waterworks. In order to save considerable attention was paid to the use of local materials as fillers for concrete, such as slag, brick, and other battle materials. Concrete solution for its astringent, and firm structure after curing can be used for leveling pads, walls. The use of concrete mortar was as emotionally charged and based on the sculptural possibilities of concrete and plastic, which some architects have tried to adapt to the traditions of the classics, while others – poeticised and romanticized in the forms of Art Nouveau. Creating sculptural creation, which for many years, pleasing to the eye.