Core concept of adaptability Their presence indicates that a greater or lesser degree the person is willing to make the change of attitude or style of behavior that is necessary either to meet a new and different circumstances or to perform in the routine or the exceptional. Sometimes this adjustment is for changes in the methodology of work, shift supervisor or authorities, entry of new partners, which requires re-engineering sector and sometimes change of task. This in the past decade with the mobility and variability of the labor market, the incorporation of new technologies has made to remain in the system each worker must be prepared to relative stability and therefore when the better its ability to adapt better their adjustment to the labor situation. This means flexibility and some degree of empathy to identify needs and requirements of both Environments and interpersonal tasks. Adaptation is an active and dynamic process that requires the direct involvement of the subject, A.Adler said the lifestyle and the adaptation of the individual to actually form the basis of their psychic balance. Area A and senior executives assess and Technical Junior-Graduate Administrative Operational Intelligence Adaptability Perception Personality Behavior looking Competence Assessment (sensitivity, planning, integrity, creativity): Managers and senior leadership and Troubleshooting : Only senior executives and is also the area of data collectors for each employee on his medical history and personal characteristics, skills and capabilities to more accessible data such as their salaries and their work in the company. Quantification of these data and the systematic treatment allows for subsequent handling by automated systems, reducing manual processing of transactions, source of costly errors.It is essential business strategy in Human Resources and telling us where they are directed toward the actions of companies. A good strategy includes internal equity, external equity, salary administration system, a system of performance evaluation, variable compensation system, skills development, etc..