The concept of a prestigious urban housing in recent years significantly transformed. In the early 90's elite were considered huge communal settled in the historic center of old houses as opposed to "Khrushchev," and panel homes. 10 years later became the prestige not only determined by meters and central location, and level of comfort and quality engineering. The once "golden housing" dilapidated. At first the plan began to emerge as called elite buildings. Tell me more about what is today this kind of prestigious homes. If at the end of the last century facilities such as swimming pool, gym and beauty salon look exotic, but now, according to market experts, it is obligatory components of quality supply. However, all these good things are possible in buildings where they are laid at the project level.

Complex construction in Moscow is increasingly in demand – on the background of a moratorium on the building and a point mass withdrawal of industrial zones on the outskirts of town. Projects include the most famous Fusion Park and Kutuzovsky Riviera. This year kicks off construction of residential complexes on the territory of the former factory and rubber factory Red October. According to market experts, the future elite of the real estate is for this format housing. Currently, the share of proposals for expensive real estate in the apartment complexes around 75%. Incidentally, we have repeatedly and constantly have to make this focus on our seminars. Construction ongoing at the point on the periphery, still tends to be the so-called "economy – the options." A recent much "superseded" the last revaluation of the secondary fund.