1 .- Economic Motivations. The most common need for money to survive, we want money. Example: Felipe wants money to support his family and wants any job, once you get it and can pay its debts, and look for something better. If you can … 2 .- Motivations of Independence. Possibility of keeping oneself. Example: Claudia does not want to be dependent on their parents, as they give a "shipment" monthly must conform to all rules imposed on it, simply look for a job to be independent, live alone and thus could potentially improve their family relationships .

3 .- Reasons for economic improvement. Improving wages. Example: Renzo working in a laboratory, is the best seller, knows that is likely to apply for another similar company where the sales reps earn more, then send your CV with a friend. 4 .- Reasons for Professional Development. Work in an organization that can be promoted or experience a successful career development. Example: Jessica's worked at the Mario, he had two years in the same position, you hear that the Hotel neighbor (also five stars), the staff was trained and could apply for internal calls, were more likely to progress, and so sent your resume to Human Resources and after a month was called to interview.

He is currently Head of Section. 5 .- Grounds for Temporary Labor. Working for a certain period of time until you find the ideal job or complete their studies. Example: Melisa was in the final year of Communication Sciences, wanted to study English but his parents could not afford this spirit, reason ran a department store, currently working as a saleswoman at half time and study English. 6 .- Grounds for a Better organizational climate. Improve interaction and work environment. Example: Joaquin feels underappreciated by his boss, he does not give a good deal, is very tight and it has caught up to fear, therefore, every weekend five resumes sent some notices in the newspapers and order also applies for other companies they would like to work. "I can not stand anymore." 7 .- motivation to improve job conditions. Tempt conditions under which we are most satisfied. Example: Daniel, lives in Lurin, every day you wake up at five in the morning in order to arrive on time window, just on the other cone of Lima, Peru, would like to work in one of the 50 companies remaining in the Lurin Trapezium. 6.8 .- Motivation Enlarge Relations. Develop a life of social relationships in a given space. Example: Maria Dolores gets a job offer from the Chamber of Commerce, are paid poorly, however, the position allows for extensive interaction with other companies, so I chose to take it, learn to interact with employers know they are and some day be able to work directly with them. And after reading this short article. A What motivates you to seek employment? . Keep in mind that it may be a question of the interview with a prospective employer. Web