In Spain, the aged ones already had made the part of them and exclusively pass the ball for the other generations, dedicating themselves to the rest. The aged ones correspond to a great part of the population, therefore the Europe passes for the crisis of low the natality. Data of the ONU already say that Spain walks to be the country with the biggest aged population. When the country to leave the current crisis, many sectors will suffer with the asset lack. However, the important one is here to reflect as a country treats its people, those that in the pasado one, in years 60, 70, had worked to construct a great country. Same with as much crisis does not leave of being the shelter of many Europeans of ' ' north gelado' ' , that it comes to Spain to calientar itself, and moreover, the government continues firm in giving value to the social side, to the side of the Ecology Human being! The proper Spanish pensioners who live in Brazil gain a trip per year to reencontrar its roots in the Iberian Peninsula, counted one gentleman to me in the General Consulate of Spain, in So Paulo. I say on the third age, but the young also finds more ' ' vida' ' , I would say.

You entered the university? Then you have incredible discountings to rent an apartment and to start its new life! Favours the intelligent laws and not to a dull propaganda of real estate, as it happens in Bauru, university polar region of real estate speculations, in the interior of So Paulo. Without a doubt some I come back different of this trip, thinking about as the Brazilian it can be capable to improve its people with small acts that to the few contri a new reality to serve of example to the government to the side, and thus, successively. I believe, that what occurs here is lack of goodness between government and population. We were not created in a way of good education and this, clearly, affects all our society, that even so commemorates the economic success, is far from giving to life to its children and grandmothers.