Any attempt to turn an unfavorable business situation into a good one requires “new faces”. Practice tells us that the only way we can get new “emotional credit” of the most diverse partners, suppliers of goods and services, employees or partners simple. No one can argue that is very different to “negotiate” debt of another, to do it on that one was produced in the past. It should therefore appear on stage to show someone control the situation, know where you are coming, where lies the goal and what is now the way forward. Someone explain with absolute clarity, honesty and openness about the reality of the company and the real possibilities to meet their commitments in all or in part in accordance with a timescale. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Barbara Howe by clicking through.

Workers must be treated to the same treatment, inviting them to resume their work with renewed enthusiasm and interest every time the ghost appears off. There is no doubt that a return to normal activity was venting and gave peace of mind creditors. Supplies must be restored. And with them working hours on the product and sales. It is time to look for maximum productivity. To request additional efforts.

Perhaps even surprise us how those who should be, “pitch in” unconditionally. Basically the logic must prevail, and beyond criticism should be aware that the evil that our company may wish to pass them bill. can and should contribute much in this line of work to the ailing company. If you do not have liquidity to pay the fees, if the company is viable can be reached with them to a participation agreement corporate profits or in terms of results achieved. Any solution is valid unless “throw in the towel.” Only the integration in the value chain of creditors, employees and partners will yield a successful outcome. And not worth for such a content-empty expressions. Must be offered and the time to try to collect, compromise.