He was determined. It would go to have a simpler life in a farm of the interior. He himself already had passed for the experience to work outside of London. In the Southeast of England in a beach, where through that it had heard to say that they were needing an assistant in a restaurant. It caught the telephone of Jonas, name of the responsible one and already he combined the day that it would catch the train until the city.

Jonas, when receiving it in the restaurant, if presented as headchef, for who does not know, in all restaurant, exists ' ' chefs' ' (it is a type of cook that gave certain) and one headchef (head of the cook that gave certain), that normally it commands a team (that never of certain) the composed one of 5 or more ' ' chefs' '. The stranger who when arriving at the restaurant, notices that he had 3 waiters and Jonas. He did not see more employee and he risked to ask the Jonas: who works here in the kitchen? Jonas answers: only I, and now you. you is headchef? Yes. But where he is chefs? Unresigned Migrantino question. In the truth she had a woman that she helped me, but it left has 1 year, says Jonas. It already feels some strange thing in air and thought: ' ' it and a species of general whom if auto he intitled, as lacked a troop to it, finishes to enlist one soldado' '. It was a restaurant of Italian food, but he had as proprietor a Pole and an English son of the city.

Cidadezinha was one typically ingleza in the northeast coast of England, good similar to the cities of the interior of Brazil. With adjacent a main street and others ruelas. The movement basically turned around the main street, where it was the restaurant in the trreo floor and an apartment on where it liveed the employees.