One of the most beautiful walks in Patagonia Argentina, is the way of the 7 Lakes, ranging from the beautiful city of San Martin de los Andes to Villa La Angostura. Route 234, joins San Martin de los Andes with Villa La Angostura, Neuquen, and since it runs the first kilometre, emerges from the landscape, the singing of birds, the slight movement of trees and crystal water of a lake. The relaxing landscape of ochre and strong contrasts is exciting. The seven lakes circuit is to return again and again, since at different times of the year it shows a different face. It is the ideal circuit for the lovers of the adventure with knapsack on his shoulder, offers many emotions: the Lacar Lake, the Machonico, the Falkner, the Villarino, the Escondido, the Correntoso and large mirror. Something that we should not miss are the paths that emerge from National Park Nahuel Huapi and Lanin and Myrtle. The meandering route is complemented with waterfalls, small bays and villages of dreamy between beautiful lakes.

It is convenient to perform the circuit on auto, so you can stop in each viewpoint or enchanted place. The hardest stretch is between Pichi Traful (45 km of gravel) and the intersection of routes 234 and 231. The remaining 65 km are paved. The colours of the forest the Lacar is the first Lake to visit, its edge reaches the town of San Martin de los Andes. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City. According to the time of day reflects trees and mountains, blue-green color, this spectacular Lake opens its way between the Cordillera de los Andes and cypress forests. You can divert in km 5, where it appears the Catritre beach. One hundred meters ahead, the route 108 leads to Quila Quina, place inhabited by the mapuche community Curruhuinca. The place stands a pier, private residences, a tempting confectionery, where you can try the picada (caps) of trout, deer, boar along with other regional delicacies.