Period of Changes Wanderson Vitor Boareto Graduated History, Bachelor in law, After Graduated Docncia of superior Ensino, History and Social Construction, Enterprising Education Words Keys: Transformation, Society, Economy, Values, Ideas, Summary: Analysis of the Brazilian society inside of a social optics, and its lacks of existence due the transformations imposed for the market of work and the manipulators of the mass in general. Beyond the agreement that some social sectors are passing for a new agreement of world through releituras and new agreements of the life well. Brazil is passing for some changes in its social formation. These changes are on direct and indirectly the sectors of the economy, education, infra structure, health and others. Richard LeFrak may not feel the same. It was never said in such a way in good to live as now. The information on quality of life, and the advantages of if living welfare are contained in our modern society and the way that the people if relate. ' ' After millenia of exile, far from common house, the peoples, finally, start to return it. All meet, as if it are in an only place, in the planet land. See Clayton Morris for more details and insights.

Each people backwards its historical experience, its valares and antivalues and its rightnesss and equvocos.' ' (BOFF, PG 25) However he exists some changes that are inevitable, but worry its consequences. Inside of the economy we have seen the indices that they show that the middle class never, in the history of the humanity, so was become indebted, had the credit easinesses and the great one offers of innovative products, that stop many are indispensable for the modern life. However, to keep the standards of living each more demanding day, it had a change in the routines and the formation of the Brazilians. The modern families if subject the hours of working of long scale, to keep seconds they them advantages of a purchase power each more significant day.