The White Hinterland is a disc that if by chance falls into your hands you never would have paid attention. It is the first work by this name of the young singer and songwriter Casey Dienel, which debuted two years ago with Wind-up Canary.
As the cover and booklet Phylactery Factory is the content of this compact that brings us to the land of M Ward, Laura Nyro and Joni Mitchell’s own. Dienel, who pursues arropada songwriter for a band, a pop-jazz bill in which the piano takes the shots, but it is not only next to him heard violin, accordion, cello, percussion, vibraphone and trumpet, in addition to guitar and under.
But the affected voice of Jamaica Plain (Mass.) is what we can lay back or engage in the first or second listening to the album. That note in the first issue, The destruction of the Art Deco house, or in the past, such as beauty call Vessels, who discover what we are going to find in the other eight themes: the quest for beauty of a emerging artist.

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