But there will be a time that debenture pay the infringement because the speed limits have been set by others. We paternoster or protest the unfairness of the system but irremovable losing. We also have to pay the fine and suffer a corresponding loss of time and money. Add a Givens, a if we insist on fighting against any system dominated by others, sooner or later lose: you can be sure. What then?. Givens gives us, that must play by their rules as well to keep in mind trachea when playing in foreign territory and treatm desobedecemosa rules or to change them without the consent of the person who did it, we condemn ourselves to perder.a If nuestroa goal is to master our minds, a nuestroa own future life and how are we to operate effectively, as it seems, We also have no say in the matter? The answer is simple: just playing by the rules, although we did not. If winning is possible to advance the nuestrosa dreams and goals, the more time and energy available for this purpose have I, before it will be possible to achieve what we want. Fighting perdemosa system time and energy.

Perhaps tendemosa by nature podamosa circumvent the system and succeed, but only in the short term. In the long term, lose. Perderemosa credibility, authority, money, “image” and to the use or the affective relationship. Whenever luchemosa against a system that we can change or control, take me to lose. If decidimosa quedarnosa in foreign territory, only Podem win playing by the rules of the place we like it or not.

Givens relates also to consider trabajamosa trachea when the orders of another and Quereme nuestroa succeed in employment, experiencing the satisfaction of receiving promotions and pay raises, our only possible strategy is to play by the rules of the company or boss. Maybe ours are right or better, but that does not matter. Our goal is to win. And if you win, for one, is to obtain promotions and salary increases, gain credibility and gain the confidence of “top”, we will have to obey rules that we did not. You can choose between winning and show that we are right, but rarely can do both at the same time. Finally, take into account, to try to change the rules on foreign territory is a game that we’re not able to win, every time you try me be a price to pay. That price may be anger, frustration, depression or worse. You can costarnosa time, money, credibility and even Ela employment. Of course, even playing in foreign territory Podem choose. We may collect nuestraa ball and go home. If you do not like the head nosa, Podem resign or request a transfer. If the negative part of a relationship outweighs the positive, cutting Podem relationship. If we do not gustaa speed limits, we must drive on these roads or not to travel more by car. The fact is that even in foreign territory, the choice is ours. P